Southampton, UK... any riders about on wednesday?

Hi, I’m going to be going to Soton this coming wed… just a day from now.

Anyone know of any riders in this area? preferably someone who’s into street or trials that can show me the spots in the area and to hang out.


Might like to contact loosemoose as he’s a soton’er and i think knows most of the local area riders.

Morning! I’m out with the longboarders tomorrow but I can take my trials with me, I’ve got no lectures so let me know what time and where you’ll be and I can meet you, and show you the trials spots.


ah cool, cheers Richard. Are there any other riders about in Soton? I know for sure there is quite a biketrials scene there at times.

I’d also like to get to Pijin and Hoglands park at some point too, are those places miles from the beaches?

I’m looking into coming up, would be cool to meet Rich and Sponge again. Need to see my sis too sometime.

I’ll try to keep you posted.


Alright, I’m going to soton tomorrow morning sometime, what time and where are you guys meeting? I’m off to work now, so some info would be mucho appreciatted. I’m back about 2200 so I’ll check back then(ish).

Please keep me posted or I won’t be able to make it!


I could come into town for a bit. Though i dont ride street/trials really.


I’m going with family, so we’re heading to Rimmington first, and then moving into Soton early afternoon. I’ll try and persuade my dad to go there asap.

What time can you ride until Mike? come on msn later tonight.