south west unicyclists

any one who unicycles in the devon or cornwall, i want to know who you are!! not for any bad reasons you understand, its just nice to have people to ride with.

May I refer you to the Tamar bridge ride thread on this forum. Theres a chance to meet some local to plymouth riders at the weekend. Also keep an eye on the forum for news of the next south west uni meet.


me i am south west trial’s and now muni rider so is phil and treepotato and errr some other people i think.

I’m in Somerset, a long way from Plymouth but in the south west nevertheless.

If you live in Plymouth, I am very envious; lots of trials to be had there. Bah!


i’m from the southwest!

come along to the tamar bridge uni ride this saturday meet 11am saltash side of the bridge my club Calstock are running it everyones welcome