South West Uni meets- Uk. sept 16th and Jan 5th

Next 2 South West uni meets are confirmed for
Sunday 16th Sept 2007 -uni meet- at Riverside liesure centre Exeter
Saturday Jan 5th 2008 - a Hockey tournament- also at Riverside

More details are on the SWUM web page at

May I remind parents that children under 16 remain your responsibily while they attend a SW uni meet. The adults and young people running these events are volunteers and not CRB checked or in any way responsible for your childrens where abouts. We do not charge non riding parents to attend, there is a cafe on site and a moderatly comfy veiwing gallery.

I am aware that the Sept 16th meet clashes with the Warwick Uni races and the Bristol Juggling convention. Unfortunatly the hall was not avalilble on the saturday or the previous weekend so Sunday 16th was our only option.

Sarah Miller
07811 146121

sounds good, i should be able to make the january one, sunday one not so sure because i work sundays and the amount of time off ive had this summer well tbh i am taking the mick so not sure will do my best, ill be 18 by then woo hoo

awesome i should be there for both!


i shode be there for the meet

i was just wondering how old would an adult have to be to look after under 16s. sorry if its obvious im just making sure…


How old does the adult need to be? good question. In the past we have had 16 yr old as peopel nominated adult. Really its up to the kids paremts who they trust to be responisble for their childs whereabouts. Some parents may be happy with a 16 yr old they know some may not.

Any special requests for activities at the September uni meet? so far I’m thinking of doing
Skill level tests L3 & 4 for those who did 1&2 last time
Skilllevel 1&2 for those new to the scheme
Unicycle hockey.
Silly games
Pairs riding workshop
Beginners workshop

silly games! yeah! (such a child :slight_smile: )

a trials course (ok i’m probably dreaming… but an old table would do :D)

iuf obstacle course… not sure what that is… is that like a trials course?

IUF obstacle course- good thinking Amanda, that will fit in half a hall pretty well. I’ll check we can borrow some marker cones. probadly be the little flat ones not full size cones :frowning:
I can find a trophy or two to spur people on.

Is the obstacle course like that slalom thing we tried to do before when that nice friendly chap took offense to us using “his” playground? If not, what about trying that slalom thing we tried to do before…

As for workshops - what about hopping onto/over things? Or is it just me who can’t work out how to do that? :o


high jump high jump !!!

and rob i can try teach you how to jump over/onto stuff if we find anything worthy of jumping on.

Nice one Brendan - dunno what it is, I’m just naturally hopeless at hopping.

Rob (working late :()

sounds good. I’ll be there for the September one but probably not the January one.

Obstacle course is indeed that thing we got kicked off a playground for trying. Shoudl be OK with cones and tape in the hall .

i cant be there 4 september as im away, but ill deff come in jan

High Jump- wellllll… ONLY if I can find a good safe way to set it up, the last comp broke my old rig.

  • Hopping onto things w/shop- can any one bring a couple of small sturdy pallets with them? I won’t have room in my car and can’t be sure of finding any near the sports hall.

Skipping- any one fancy a skipping workshop? I’ll try and find some long ropes.
Still no offers of pallets?? I really can’t fit any in my car.

for an hour? and dont u go just to be social usually? its not as if u ride LOL

I’ll be there but a little late roughly 12:40. The trains don’t run that early on Sundays! :-(.

Rough and subject to change time table below
Half the hall is free for practise space 12- 3.30

Remeber your plastic pedals please. if you forget them i will sell you some more for 2.50. reg will be 6 quid adults, 4 quid U16 and students. Parents and partners who don’t ride are free.

12- set up
12.30 warm up and games session
1pm workshop hopping ( TBC)
1.30 workshop skipping
2ish Hockey
3.30 IUF slalom course, timed competition. & Levels 1 & 2 tests
4.30 levels 3 & 4 tests
5.15 games, follwed by prizes
6pm, all out and go home.

bump for the Thursday crowd.

Any other offers of workshops/?/