South west uni meet , you missed a good un.

If you weren’t at Tiverton High School on sunday you missed a good uni meet. So many people playing Basketball we used two courts , the whole hall ( a big one) for Hockey, Lots of people taking UUU levels tests and of Course, the silly games.

If any one has any pics how about posting a couple here and telling the world what you enjoyed about the meet?

Big news on the UUU levels front is-
Amanda & Lucas both passed UUU level 6.
Lucus passed UUU level 7.
I think they are the first in the Uk to do this. So well done Amanda and Lucas.


Some really good games of hockey and basketball. Great uni meet, looking forward to the next one. Hopefully I wont need to rush off early next time.

Hi Sarah,

Joel and I had such a good time that I forgot to take any photos!

We particularly liked playing gladiator, even though I don’t think I lasted more than about 30 seconds each time.

I now have my level one certificate proudly displayed at work (although I suspect it won’t have much bearing on my next pay review).

The 3hr each way drive was well worth it and we hope to be at the next meet in Ashburton.

Also I’d to say thank you to all who helped organise the event.

See you next time,


Yes it was the best one I’ve been to yet. Possibly because it wasn’t raining so we could play with things outside as well :slight_smile:

The warm-up was very welcome as I needed thawing out from the drive there (don’t ask… my own fault for driving a stupid car).

Later I tried, unsuccessfully :(, to ride Paul’s Coker (thanks Paul) - first time I’ve had a go, and it felt nothing like I expected. Very light and skittish, when I was expecting heavy and stable - felt like it was determined to shoot out from under me. But at least I tried :roll_eyes: . Perhaps it was the airfoil rim, but I’m sure it was lighter than my 26x3 muni.

After answering Lucas’ survey and having to admit my official UUU level as… err… 1 :o, I was shamed into putting myself up for a level 2 test. Many thanks to the extremely nice tester (Leigh?) who let me get away with possibly the shoddiest figure-8 I have ridden for ages!

The silly games were as enjoyable as ever, with one of the most violent games of gladiators I’ve been involved in (ouch!), and a “small unicycle with unfeasibly low seat” relay.

I even quite enjoyed watching the hockey (eek… I’m being brainwashed).


Note to self: mustn’t use so many smileys… makes me look like a geek.

I might have a photo or two… :smiley: just need to trawl through them! :roll_eyes:

Loosemoose dribbling & taking a shot… (basketball, not eating & drinking)

and Paul watching a shot going into his net (sorry Paul!)