South West Uni Meet (UK)

this is kind of off topic but the unimeet made me think of doing it… to cut a long story short my pe teacher had a balancing comp and we were about the same at it before i started to uni and i expect i could trash him now but i am going to take in universe and show him what i have used my good balance to do i can’t wait to see his face!!!

Re: South West Uni Meet (UK)

Sarah Miller <> wrote:
> There will be a South West Uni meet on Feb 28th 12noon - 5pm
> AT
> The Sports Hall of
> Priory High School, Earl Richard Rd South, Exeter, EX2 6AP
> just off the Topsham Rd, close to the Riverside cycle path.

It seems the swum at unicyclist dot com e-mail isn’t working, not sure why
at the moment, I’m trying to get it fixed. mean time queries can come to
sarah at vimes dot u-net dot com for this week, BUT this address will not
be valid for much longer as I’m changing ISPs soon.

For those with where is Exeter type queries.

Exeter is about 70 miles south and west of Bristol. About 40 miles east
of Plymouth. Trains, Coaches and main roads serve it well. The main
train station is called Exeter St Davids this is close to the cycle
path, or you can take a bus into the city centre. There is also Exeter
Central which is close to all the bus routes.National express Coach
services stop at Exeter Bus station close to the city centre.

The M5, A30 and A38 main roads all come to Exeter along with a bunch of
other roads as well. Priory High School where the meet is being held is
just off the Topsham road, this is one of the main routes into the city
centre from the Motorway or the Exeter ring road Countess wear


Union of UK Unicyclists
By and for UK riders


I will be coming down to the Uni-Meet. I will bring all my normal toys (mini giraffe, 2 wheeler, trials uni’s etc) and a set of goals. But will also bring down kit for people from the shop. If you wish to pre-order it before 1.30pm on Friday I will try to bring it down either by phoning 0800 980 0711 or emailing us on



All systems go for the uni meet tomorrow.

If your coming along to join in the fun, don’t forget the following

NO metal ended pedals or saddles in the Sports Hall please, there will be plastic pedals to buy for only £2.50 a pair and tape to cover saddle ends if needed.

CLEAN your tyre before briging it in the hall please. Muddy tyres make a real mess and no one slip on anything worse.

BRING a packed lunch, the nearest shop is about 5 mins uni away, so to save time, bring some food and a drink with you to slurp on the veiwing balcony whilst watching the hockey or a uni video. Tea coffee and squash will be avalible.

The action starts at 12 noon and we have to be out of the hall at 5pm, so try not to be late or you’ll miss things.

See you tomorrow


ooooh i can’t wait till tomorrow!
This is my first uni meet and i’m really excited!

see you all tomorrow!