South West Uni Meet (UK)

There will be a South West Uni meet on Feb 28th 12noon - 5pm
The Sports Hall of
Priory High School, Earl Richard Rd South, Exeter, EX2 6AP
just off the Topsham Rd, close to the Riverside cycle path.

Who is it for?
Any Unicyclists who want to come.

What activities are planned?
Unicycle Hockey, Basketball, Fun Games, Workshops and UUU levels testing.

What other stuff happens at a Uni meet?
Possibly a muni/trials ride if the weather is good and people want to go
out and play.A chance to ride some different unis, try out different wheel
sizes and crank length. A chance to meet other unicyclists from this end
of the world.There might be a raffle or Tombola with some vaguely unicycle
related stuff as prizes.

What should I bring?
Yourself and your unicycle/s. As its in a sports hall, unicycles used
indoors should have plastic ended pedals and seats and non-marking tyres.
If you have a hockey stick bring it along, I do have some spares tho.
Bring a packed lunch, soft drink will be avalible.Bring and use what ever
protective gear you want to wear. If any one has a set of hockey goals
they could bring can you let me know?

What will it cost?
5 pounds for riders
1 pound for non riders(eg parents)
free tea/coffe squash will be avalible

Where do I get more info?
There will be a website with directions and other info, I just havn’t
writen it yet. In the meantime use this thread to ask questions or offer

Sarah Miller

hi Sarah i think it’s great that your starting a uni meet here in the southwest.I was wondering if you had an indoor uni i could use for the day?I have my trials but it has a marking tyre however bald it is.I think Exeter would be fun for a Trials ride and i hope to see lots of new riders how can help me in the Freestyle dept.

I will have at least one spare indoor uni along with me you can use.


thanks sarah what’s with the new name? or are you a different sarah?

Re: South West Uni Meet (UK)

thinuniking <> wrote:

> thanks sarah what’s with the new name? or are you a different sarah?

Same sarh, but about to change ISps, so useing a tempory
web mail account swum stands for South West Unicycle Meet. So mail
enquiries about the meet are best directed to swum at unicyclist dot com
I’ll be reading that mail box ever couple of days.


Re: South West Uni Meet (UK)

There is a web page with info about the Uks newest Uni meet at

The meet will be on Feb 28th in Exeter, Devon.

the web page link doesnt work Sarah


works for me and the meets the day after my b-day!

its in the caltstock uni club newsletter so hopefully see lots of us there definalty me! :smiley:
can’t wait!

I might try and get down have to check trians and stuff


cool it would be cool to meet you i am going as it’s inky about 40mins away.

Hi Sarah,

The supplied e-mail address is not working (swum@uni…)

Apparently the route is only 10 miles further than Kidderminster so hope to attend, no idea about journey time.


hi keg i will email sarah and tell her the address is not working.I am not sure if she would want her normal email address broadcast over the web so i will do it for you.

This is cool! So there are now uni meets in Kidd, Manchester and Exeter.

I live in Newcastle, am still at school, and have not attended a Uni Meet yet!!! - due to clashing dates etc :angry:

This year my aim is to attend as many as possible (but I have GCSEs!! :angry: )

I would love to come down and meet up with the uniers in the South in ‘real life’. Maybe next time!

Hope it goes well, and i will be waiting for the pics! :slight_smile:


did’t you go to buc joe i am in the same postion as you g.c.s.e’s but after march the 5th( course work deadline i should have much more time to uni)but this meet is only 30 or some mins from me!!i am sooo lucky.shame you can’t make it would have been cool to me you i’m thinbennyboy(aim) if your the cool.unicyclist guy i think you are but there is supposed to be people coming from tp’s club so that will be cool.

I have been to the BUC’s, but not a uni meet.

My coursework is on going until the end of this (school) year. Our exams start in May or something.

Yeah, I am the ‘cool.uncyclist’ guy. LOL
You are Ben, right? You ride with Phil? Im sure I talk to you on MSN

It took us 5 hours to get to BUC last year, but this year it is just 1 hour away, in Stockton! BUC 11

I will try and make the next Manchester meet,


Meh… I dread to think how long it’s going to take to get from the south west all the way up to Stockton…


I believe it took me 5- 5 1/2 hours ish with stopps to get from Darlington (which is 15 minutes away from stockton) to get to Bristol. Not to sure where you live though


About an extra hour and a bit from Bristol. Mmm, fun!


yeah i am ben i have not got msn i am gonna get it i will send you my name if i do