South West uni meet- Feb 12th

A reminder- as if you need it-
The next South west Uni meet is on Saturday Feb 12th 2005 at Priory High School, Exeter, Devon, England.

And this time there will be MORE space. We have booked both the Sports hall and the gym, so theres more room for jugglers and game players, more room for learners and more room for workshops. The Tombola will be back too, the prefect chance to exchange your un wanted christmas presents for a free chance to win something else, bring a desiable (to someone) prize along and you will recive a free tombola ticket.

Workshops offered so far include

Acro - yes a non uni workshop
Hat Tricks - yep, another non uni workshop
Long jump comp - unis required!

Also on offer are the usuall silly games, a bit of basketball if we can fit it in and of course Unicycle Hockey.

If you can help out we really need a few people to pass on tips on free mounting and idling, and to help any learners for half an hour or so.
The web site is still at with map, prices, times and poster.

Hope to see lots of you there.
Sarah Miller

I guess late on saturday isn’t the best time to post this and expect any response.
Whos coming, and whos bringing a tombola prize!

how far away would you say it is from exeter st davids? assuming your riding a fairly slow 28er? Am I right in thinking you can ride along the river almost all the way?

Its about 2.5 miles from St Davids, an easy ride along the riverside cycle path, traffic free and flat. The map on the SWUM web page shows the cycle path pretty well.


thought so. I might have to come on a bit of a jolly then…

Alas I can’t make it :frowning:
However not going will help me resist giving my daughter the 16" Uni I just got for her birthday 4 months early!

I think I have a diary clash (Kim hasn’t looked at the diary yet to see I got there first!), I am working out how me and atleast one of the kids can attend.

I will try and remember some form of raffle prize this time.


might as well give it to her now
she’ll be wanting a 20" trials machine in 4 months time anyway…

I expect I’ll be down.

Happy to help with any workshops. I think freemounting and idling is the limit of my ‘trick’ repetoire :slight_smile:

Great, I’ll put you down for the “advanced beginners” workshop, theres always a few people who want tips at that point on the learning curve. Just a bit of encouragement and a few pointers and then they become happier unicyclists who can do more fun stuff.

Will it be possible to renew UUU membership here?

I realised today that my membership lapsed 6 months ago… oops!

Hey people, I am coming (: I am quite a beginner and only have a 16" uni, which is getting a little small for me, but I would love to try out some different types before I decide what to buy. [p]

I’m not completely sure how I’m getting there, but its not too far away, I live in Ilminster. [p]

I have put up a poster in my collage but it got taken down ): I will try again 'cause I know I’m not the only unicyclist in my college! (:

Yes UUU memebrship renewals and joining for new members will be possible at SWUM. Look out for Sarah, Paul or Richard from the UUU committee.

For any one who doesn’t already know
UUU ( Union of UK Unicyclists ) is the UKs national body. The UUU administers IUF /UUU levels testing in the UK and provides members with a newsletter for UK unicycling stuff and (until we run out) a UUU reflective frame sticker to go on your uni. Members of UUU are able to recieve certificates for passing levels tests and get discounts on SOME items from . Membership is a snip at £2 a year for adults and £1 a year for under 16s.

Good to know your coming poppie, yes a 16 inch may have become a little small for you if you are college age. There will be some spare wheels around to try out, no problem. You might find the advanced beginners workshop usefull, focusing on free mounting and ideling, two skills that can take you out of being a beginner and into being a “confident rider”.
I guess we need to find a way of marking up " use me, I’m spare" unicycles for the day, maybe lugague tags… Any one got any ideas.


A couple of stripes of coloured insulating tape?

distinctive paint-job? :stuck_out_tongue:

A loose cable tie on the seat post or even a luggage label?

Will there be many spare? I really want to try some different ones, I will probably look awful on them though… ^^;;

I love that pink colour.

There will be a small number of Labled in some way “spare all day unis” in 20 and 24 inch, maybe 16 as well if Barbara has room for them. There will also be LOTS of unis that the owners arn’t riding right now and don’t mind being asked for a loan to try that model out of size etc. If in doubt ask loudly.

My current thinking on labeling “spare” unis is a big white stripe across the saddle with “Use me” writen on it.

just be carefull what kind of tape u use to stick on the saddle
even duct-tape eventually gets worked loose by sliding butts and a variety of derrieres will then become sticky from rubbing across the gluey parts
not a kewl sensation

the luggage tag idea still strikes me as being the most practical

u could also have a ‘Use Me’ area, staffed by any one of your flood of volunteers?