South West Uni meet, appeal for help

The South West Uni Meet in Exeter on Saturday is currently Hockey Goal less as the plan for borrowing some has not worked. If your coming along on saturday and could bring with you a pair of goals. ( approx 6ftx4ftx 1ft) PLEASE can you let me know.

My mobile is --078 111 46 121—
emial is sarah at unicyclist dot com

Thank you f you can help.

oh dear i’m sorry can’t help you out there i’m goaless too but good luck in finding some and i’m looking forward to saturday! :wink:

yeah i don’t have any goal’s sorry but if you need any other help i am there so you can count on me.Phil and I had a scout out for trials spot’s and found a few the skatepark looked very ridable.

hopefully im still coming, ill be coming on my trials if i am just for a play about.


Yeah we found a cool spot just off the high street where I first floor to bench hop:D and where i learnt to seat out crank grab in 7 or so go’s:p the high street has some good gap’s and lines on it but to many people are on the high street :angry: and a few people tried to jump out infront of us with out success lol.

I can bring a couple of jumpers. :slight_smile:

We’ll have fun whatever

Might be able to persuade my daughter to be a goal post. As Nick says it will be a good day anyway.