south west uk uni meet, whos going?

hey again,

havent been on the forums in a while and just seen that there is another south west uk uni meet, anyone going?

feel free to reply



i might be, im not sure yet


I intend to be there with my son and maybe a friend from work.

We’re driving from Portsmouth (about 2 hrs away), so I hope that a few peeps will turn up!


I’ll be there.

hey, i also have a 2 hour drive as i am located in southapton. i will be bringing along a couple of friends hu have just started riding aswell. I also have a learner uni for sale which has a few simple upgrades such as kh saddle, new tyre, new pedals(dmr v8’s very nice!) and a new seat post as the other one went bit rusty. hope this uni meet was as fun as the last and i hope to see you all there.



Glad to hear your all coming to SWUM.

If your bringing parents along to watch I advise they bring a folding chair as the hall doesn’t have very many chairs at all.

Don’t forget if you want a bit extra and are an intermediate or advanced rider, there is a freestyle masterclass before the meet 10am -12. This is time to learn and practise new stuff, so if your struggling with seat drags, can’t tell your spin from a kooshkoosh or want to learn to hop on the wheel come along to the masterclass as well.
The masterclass costs 3 quid per person. The meet is 5 for kids and students and 7 for grown ups.


Remeber if your under 16 you have to bring someones parent along with you to keep an eye on you.

its like christmas!

gets pride of place on my calender!

see you there :wink: