south west uk uni meet, whos going?


i have been unicycling for around a year now and am thinking about meeting up with some other unicyclist in the uk. i was looking around on the site and found that the south west uni meet is up coming.

i was wondering how many riders are actaully going to this uni meet and wether its worth the travel(from southampton to wherever it is).

if you or anyone you know is going please feel free to reply and give me and other forum users some details on what its like(if youve been before).

thanks very much


I’ll be there.

It is well worth going. I expect there will be a few people from ‘round your way’ so you might be able to car share.

We usually have a few games (hockey, basketball, gladiators, musical unicycles, and more) and a few workshops. You’ll come away with a whole load of stuff to practice and maybe a new trick or two.

I’ll be there, with my 6-y-o.
as you’re only coming from Southampton it’s definitely worth it.
I’m coming from London, others will be coming from Surrey/Hampshire borders, and from up north too.

I’ll be going - excellent fun, even if I’m not really into hockey :wink: (sorry Sarah - I haven’t been converted yet)

Very friendly people, well worth the trip I say. But it’s easy for me to say that being so close!


PS. to any regulars… it is at a different venue this time:

Thanks for the heads up Nick.

I recon the SW uni meet is well worth going to, its an excellent chance to meet other riders try new things and be inspired with new ideas for stuff to try.

Of course I’m biased, I’m one of the organisers :slight_smile:

I started the SW meets because I liked going to meets and wanted one to happen in my region. Ithink they are good fun days and hope they can continue to happen, which means people need to keep on coming along.
As Nick pointed out, this time we are NOT in Exeter, this meet is at Ashburton, just off the A38 between Exeter and Plymouth. Details and directions are on the website at

Its always really helpfull to the reg team if you have looked at the details and bring roughly the right money to pay for your regsistration. Please Please bring non marking tyre and plastic pedals and saddle ends as its hall we havn’t used before and we don’t want to get chucked out for damageing the floor. If you can’t remove your metal pedals you will have to cover them with card and tape to avoid hurting other riders or the floor.


hey sarah

thanks for the info. my name is joe and i am 13 years old so i will be going to the uni meet with either one of my parents. i was wondering will there be any unicycles or unicycle related products available to buy at the meet, as i am looking for a new uni.

thanks very much, looking forward to meeting everone thats going


i don;t as yet know if any traders will be at the meet this time. U.D.C have traded in the past, but its an 800 mile round trip for them so they don’t come every time.
We will have plastic pedals on sale tho, so if you only have metals ones at present you can get some hall friendly ones on the day.