South West (UK) Uni Meet- 14th Jan 2006

The next SW uni meet will be on Saturday Jan 14th 2006 at Ashburton, Devon.
Full details are now up on the SWUM web site at

Hope to see lots of you there for an afternoon of hockey, basketball and uni games.

I’m working out the timetable for the Jan 14th SWUM, any requests for workshop subjects? Any offers to run workshops?
It would be good to have some offers to teach free mounting, ideling, bunny hopping and similar improver skills. Also offers to ref Basketball and Hockey.

We will be at Ashbuton again, so have access to gym mats if any one wants to do a handstand workshop…

Info in the meet is on
Times, directions etc all there.

Now on the SWUM website- down-loadable poster for the Jan 14th meet.

If your in The South West of England, and are able to, Please print a copy or two and get them put up in your local sports centre/libary/school/village hall or bus shelter.



And a reminder that is the day after tomorrow. I know of one person who has already started their journey to SWUM.
If you are lucky enough to arrive at the hall early - please be considerate and don’t hassle the hall staff, remember that all unicycles riden in the hall need a clean non marking trye and plastic pedals and saddle ends.
Reg is once again only £4 for U16s and £6 for adults (£1 for non riding parents/partners to cover tea and coffee ), it really helps if you bring some change for reg as the float goes down real fast if everyone shows up with £20 notes.
Hopefully We will have some BUC 2006 flyers and a date for a SWUM Muni day to announce at the meet.

Is there a skate park next door to the hall?


I think Lucas said there was but ill bring my trials unicycle incase

I didn’t notice a skate park last time we were at that venue, but I can’t say I looked for one. There’s a school playground patrolled by a jobsworth janitor bloke who wouldn’t let us ride under the big covered area (we were going to use it for a slalom course) :angry:

Trev’s great at trials, he just avoids it like the plague! :p.

Not as far as I know. There was one near the Tiverton Sports hall we used for the Sept 05 Uni meet, but this time we are at Ashburton.

See you tomorrow.

Haha yeh i avoid trials :stuck_out_tongue: although i will bring my trials with me.


I’ve just got back from a mountain bike ride with my new boss; right now I can barely stand up, let alone do anything more strenuous. The man truly is a machine. Tomorrow, then, I will probably be the one asleep in the corner…

See you all tomorrow!


Cars packed, We’re leaving in 15 min. Just phoned pizza hut to book a table for 20!