South west Muni meet- RR

A small but select group gathered for todays first South West Muni meet
( part of bike week, don’t cha know) . I only remembered to take one photo, its NOT of ben getting wet, or Phil whacking his leg with a pedal.

Ben managed to get almost all the way UP the hill to the car park, the boys an animal. I managed to ride all the way up from the end of Pleasure Valley to the rooty corner below the car park. TreeP rode lots of stuff and did really well for a first muni ride as our group was so small we all did the same route. Phil having riden and hopped up the steeping stones and across the bridges disapeared round a bend in the stream only to exclaim “argh” and go very quiet!

Thanks for coming guys. Hope to see you all next sunday for a rather gentler ride along the River Exe:-)



any planned for later on in the summer? i might be able to make one of them…

Good write up sarah, scary i forgot you took a photo!
Had my first taste of muni and loved it! definatly be doing more of that and collecting some more bruises and scrapes!

See you all on sunday me and my 29r are coming along :wink:

Great ride sarah thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah great ride,shame i had not been out on the muni in a while i really felt it + i was really worried about getting hurt as i had exams today! The lil trials session was cool! Muni was far better tho! By bmw i should have got my lighter frame and some nice pedals.