South West (M)Uni Meet, June 13th

Dear all in South West England (and Wales if you don’t mind the drive)

There will be a Muni meet on the afternoon of June 13th at Haldon Forest near Exeter.

Two route options -
a- Longer- about 6 miles mainly single track, some nice technicial stuff interspersed with swoopy bits.
b- shorter, missing out some of the more technicial down hill and up-hill bits but doing most of the swoopy stuff. Climbing will mainly be on fire roads for this route.

Both routes wil meet up at a nice play area for those who like hopping around on stepping stones and bridges. Both routes start with down hill and end with a climb owing to the car park being at the top of a hill.

For non riding parents/partners/kids etc, there are way marked waks, a butterfly area, a bird of prey veiwing point and picnic tables at the car park. Or they could walk /ride a bike along with the shorter route group.

Meeting time and place will be revealed in more detail nearer the date.


Look at all the contour lines!

'Tis indeed a fantastic place to ride. The variety of tracks is great, going from wide tracks for cruising along or going up hills to swoopy runs through the forest and steep, rooty sections… something for everyone.

June 13th is in National Bike Week. Represent!


certainly will Phil!

count me in! see you there!

can’t wait!

hopefully get my 29r soon i have £140 need £162! ooooh nearly there! i was washing our cars at the weekend and my auntie came ove so washed hers too and earned a bit more food for the piggy bank!


i want to go but am unsure due to exams and work what time or have i been thick and not seen it?

Hmmm, 400 mile round trip…
I’d love to be there, depends if feeling up to the drive/train.


I’d love to come down and meet you guys and girls!!

I will be finished school then, and depending on when we (the family) are on holiday, I may try and get the train down.

I’ll have a look tonight…


Joe, its a long way from Teesside/ tyneside. Your welcome to come but I’m not sure its worth a 700 mile round trip for an afternoon of muni. You’d probadly have more fun traveling 30 miles and spending longer at Guisbourugh woods.


unless??? joe you might be able 2 say @ my house 4 a night and go for a trials ride on the sunday only a maybe tho…

Ben, you got to come and ride. I’m waiting for the official permit to ride from the forestry people to come through now. Have to get a permit coz its a group ride and part of national Bike Week and I don’t want to get into trouble and get banned from riding up at Haldon.

Time has not been announced yet. Ben can you get there for 2pm again like the other week? You could do your revision in the morning… and work on Saturday?


yeah probli i do want 2 come i have science and eng day after but i will more then likely ride!
i want 2 find out how good @ muni i am compared to other ppl i have only ridden with u and phil so i have not had many to compare to really.+ the downhill stuff is AMAZING!!!