South West England unicyclists? Beautiful Days?

Up until 2009/10 there seem to have been at least a couple of unicycle groups South West of Bristol, one in Exeter which is near me. Their fossilised traces remain in the form of un-updated web pages and old threads on here. I’m envisioning some kind of mass-extinction event, but if there are any remnants locally, it would be good to hear about them. Also, I’m going to the Beautiful Days festival at Escot and wondering if there will be any vendors there - there’s usually some circus skills stuff around, but I’m wondering if I could get a look at a 24inch just to see whether I could fit one or not. Thanks!

Hey! Cant tell you anything about the clubs since im across the pond in the US but I’m 5’2 and ride a 24". Unless you’re really short you should be able to fit no problem. I’ve had a 4’10 kid successfuly be able to pedal on my uni.

That’s helpful. My inside leg is only about 27.5 and the Qu-ax muni recommended minimum is quite a bit more than that (maybe because of the triangular seat support) and the Nimbus is better, but still a little over.

Hi! I live in Devon, where abouts are you?

I know of a few. Its great your learning to unicycle. :slight_smile:

I’m in Clyst St Mary, just outside Exeter. Are you still at the Uni? I saw your post about setting up a club there. When I first googled, I got all excited until I realised that the ‘Exeter Uni-Cycles’ was the totally confusing name for the University Cycling club. I’m really surprised that there isn’t more unicycle stuff here - I went into the Bike Shed to ask and he looked at me like I was mad and said they don’t get asked for that much. He did have one though - but it was a giraffe hung on the wall like a decoration. I know it’s a bit niche, but it’s been around a long time, after all. I’m really looking forward to being able to unicycle the Exe Trail down from Exton to Exmouth.

Swipe me, I purchased my bestest ever guitar from Manson’s in Exeter back in 2008… Brilliant cathedral, they had a blessing of pets there when I went one Saturday afternoon then. If you have ever heard a load of dogs all barking at once inside an echoey cathedral it will make you laugh, well it did me. A wedding as well that might well have ended in the divorce courts before she got outside… a long story though… !!
I did one of my world famous spectacular turns today, on grass, on my new 24" Muni. The entire shebang went sideways, a brilliantly executed, rapid dismount by myself, garnered a short round of applause from a watching neighbour… At least I can entertain…

If the wedding was the same afternoon as the blessing of pets, I’m not surprised it didn’t go too well! Exeter is well supplied with music shops of one kind or another. Excellent bike shop too - except for the lack of unicycles. I suppose the problem with keeping a unicycle group going is that if it aims to teach beginners then once people are past the basics, they don’t need the group, and if it is based around something like hockey then beginners are not going to find it easy to join in. It’s a shame, though - I look at the youtubes and books which have people learning with someone holding a hand and it looks much more productive than a wall. I’m almost tempted to start a ‘group’ just so I can book a hall and if anyone else turns up we can help each other. But I’m sure there would be complications with public liability etc if there was no-one who actually knew what they were doing. Unicycle teaching doesn’t seem to be a thing.

Awesome!. I am still at uni, I’m hoping the club will be up and running in october once the union meet and say yes.

I found that a frustrating part plymouth also use unicycle as a name . I’ve been into a few shops with my unicycle asking for a few things usually a good reception.

When you plan on doing the trail let me know!!

I wonder if ex-members of the university can join clubs?

I believe There is a a form for graduates. :slight_smile:

I do wish it was more of a bog thing down here

Oh, well - maybe I’ll be able to join then! And maybe the fact that someone like me has started is indicative that the unicycle is about to start a new wave of popularity? When I was at the skatepark yesterday, some kid’s mum watched me for a while and remarked that it looked like it would be good for the ‘core’. If it wasn’t for the very delayed gratification period, it could be the next fitness craze.

Ive been unicycling for quite awhile and i know of one unicyclist by sight and one other who lives in devon
I do hope it becomes more popular and hopefully a club will do that.
We shall have to meet when in back in Devon :slight_smile: