South UK Unicycling Group


I just wondered if there is already a southern uk unicycling group??? If so can you please provide details. Otherwise I want to start one up, anyone whos interested post below.


Sorry just to clarify, southern / south eastern. I can see there is already a south western group.


Kent Unicylists

Hi, I ride a 24" Muni, and a 36" “Big Wheel Uni”, and am looking for good places to ride and improve my skills, in Kent.

Lightening Leon,

North Kent

Re: South UK Unicycling Group

LighteningLeon wrote:
> Hi, I ride a 24" Muni, and a 36" “Big Wheel Uni”, and am looking for
> good places to ride and improve my skills, in Kent.

For simple skill development (although possibly not on the Coker), you
could try a juggling club. How easily can you get to Tunbridge Wells?

Otherwise, try the club locator at

Danny Colyer (my reply address is valid but checked infrequently)
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My son and I live in Portsmouth.

I am not very good, although I am progressing slowly. Joel, on the other hand, seems to have a real ability to ride - that’s whtt comes of being a kid I suppose :frowning: :slight_smile:

It would be good to meet up with some other riders without travelling to the midlands or west country!

Please make sure that you send me a PM if you want to organise a meeting.


There is no SE group, although various riders in the SE do meet up for informal rides or Hockey (e.g. Luni’s).

There are also a few London & SE riders also regularly attend both SWUM and Kidderminster UniMeets. A good starting point would be for more riders in the area to add their details to the map (top right of this webpage if your viewing on At the moment the map is fairly bare in this part of the UK.


There used to be regular meeting in Horsham. That was a few years ago but I expect there are still plenty of riders in the area.

Have you checked the unicycle Roster to see if there are any unicyclist near you?

Though be warned the roster is often out of date, it could do with showing when each persons details were entered

Another place to lok for unicycle clubs in uk might be the UUU website


… also it might be worth thinking about a better name. SUKUG doesn’t sound that attractive :slight_smile:

I’ve live near Farnham for two months now.
There’s a juggling club that meets on Sundays in Farnham, I haven’t got round to going yet though so I don’t know if there are any unicyclists there.
Just had a look at the map, the South-East looks very bare!

Likewise I have also failed to get to the Farnham juggling club, there definitely used to be a hockey player living in Farnham, I believe he attended the club.

I have sent you a PM, we live at opposite ends of the Blackwater Valley Road.


im from essex, i know ther a few oter people in essex who ride (apart from the juggling club im in) but i havnr had a chance to ride with ne of them! wud be good to meet up.


Where in the South are you?

I live in Eastbourne and ride mainly Muni/ Xcountry on the South Downs and I’d certainly be interested in any South East Muni meets.

I live in canterbury at the moment.

If you are interested, could you please send me a pm with your email so I can put together a mailing list?



feeling very lonely near bournemouth . . .

Hey all

I got a mailing list up, so if you go here and add your email address, we can all arrange meets!!


nice one!

Yay for mudbaths !!! Keep practicing in the mud, then enter the Saab Salomon Mountain Mayhem (aka Red Bull) in June. :wink:

year i live in london

i would come and meet u
im into trials.
rodger at nowes who i am.
they call me joe london,unstablebutable,real name joe hodges.
my mob07915353956
hope to hear from u drop me at text or some thing prefer a call.

Start a new 1

I would start a new group!:slight_smile: