South Lake Tahoe trails

Dooes any one know of good trails to ride in South Lake Tahoe or in Minden Nevada area

in south lake off 88 there are many. i went backpacking to lake winnemucca, frog lake, round top lake, and fourth of july lake and kept thinking: Muni

Mr toads wild ride great downhill!
The Flume Trail - not to be missed.
Get a map at the bike shops, there are a ton of trails honeycombing the basin.

Carson riding

Sounds like you live near myself. There is a trail that runs up the hill all the way to spooner from down in your direction. Spooner is nice. Go into the park and park by the bike shop. They have maps. Bring loads of water for the long hills.
I moved to Carson City a couple of years ago and have been mountain biking with the guys at the bike smith. I will be picking up my first mountain unicycle, or muni in about a week and am looking forward to going for a few rides. Glad to hear someone else in the area has similar hobbies.
There is a nice trail network behind the college located on the north end of Carson. Go north through the city, take a left on College Ave, take a right at the stop sign (going around the college), road will dog leg to the left, go up the hill a ways, then take a left just past the college to a dirt parking lot below the observatory (not the colleges). Park, ride down the paved trail past the creek, then up the into the single track. they all end up back at the paved path, so just come back down when you are through.
Another place that should be good for a Muni is Centenial Park, located near the dump off 50. That area is pretty barren, rocky, hard packed and should be loads of fun (will find out soon). Go north through Carson, stop in to say hello to the guys at the Bike Smith, then take 50 east going out of town. There will be a brown sign on the right (before the dump), take the left into Centenial park, go past the golf course and ball parks to the back parking lot. The hill starts at the back parking lot.
The guys at the bike smith should be able to help you out as well.

It’s Tahoe group MUni season! Got to organize a ride or two, but waiting for the U Games crew (organizers) to rejuvenate themselves a bit first. :slight_smile:

Also a few of us are going to MUni Weekend in Vancouver over Labor Day; a Tahoe ride might make a good training ride for that? Mr. Toads at the south end of the lake, or Hole In Ground up near Truckee?

I wasn’t expecting this many people to respond to this so fast. That being said, a few hours after creating this thread, I went unicycling at my friend’s house and discovered there are lots of nice trails. I was set to go for a 2-3 hour exploration ride but after 20 min my friends dog I had with me got tired and I ended up caring her back on my shoulders. I aim to go back today for some real exploration. The trails are a bit sandy but it looks like it gets better the farther off the main trail you go.

Oops forgot to to mention, these trails are in Minden. If you head south from carson via 395 make a left on stephanie way (on the main highway area. 65mph speed limit). Go past the first stop sigh and make a left at the second stop sign, drive all the way down and park near the top of the hill on the road opposite side of the houses.the trail is the dirt road and take any spurr you wish. I have quadded these trails and you can get all the way to vegas if you wished, they go every where. just be carful it is easy to get lost, bring water and wtch out for the deep sand.

i went backpacking with my dogs in tahoe and their pads were super sore for a few days.

The Pinenuts have hundreds of miles of amazing singletrack! Also, the flume trail is not to be missed… Here is a pic from the Flume

Also, I am trying to get a couple riders to ride Mr. Toads Wild Ride later this month. Would anyone be interested?

EDIT: Didn’t see your earlier post, John. I would definitely go for Mr. Toads, but I could make it to either. You should start a new thread for this…

we have the exact unicycle only difference is the tire

I would love to ride any of the trails you guys have mentioned and plan to very soon. but i will have to wait for a week or two because my knee is really hurting on steep-ish downhills, BUT brakes are on the way! hopefully we can get together for a ride and an after ride BBQ at my friends house in minden.

That would be great! Make sure you let me know when and where!

the brakes came in today, waiting on a few extra parts then its time to hit the trails

If anybody is in I think ill do a ride wednesday. If I go in Minden I will leave about 6:30 A.M.(to avoid the heat) but if any one wants to show off some Iahoe trails I’m glad to make the short drive any time of the day (as long as its not to hot).

I would definitely want to go! Please pm me any info about when and where!

By the way, how old are you? You don’t have to answer, but I would rather ride with someone around my age instead of someone way younger or older than me…

I’m planing on possibly doing 2 rides wednesday, my usual ride with my friends dog and maybe one in Tahoe later on. if you want to come on eather send me a pm.