South Lake Tahoe - June 24th?

Are there any muni riders in South Lake Tahoe that want to ride or can recommend trails for my visit next weekend? Late notice, but figured I’d check. I’m looking to ride Friday and maybe Saturday morning.

My two favorites in the area are Mr. Toads Wild Ride, and the Tahoe Rim Trail (from Mt. Rose Highway).
Tahoe Rim is only bike-legal every other day; you would have to look up which day is legal for you. The version we have done was about 9 miles, if I remember correctly, coming out near Incline Village along the lake shore.

Both are shuttle rides (unless you really want a lot of miles). Unfortunately I won’t be able to join you. :frowning:

For more detail (I’m short on time), you might find a lot on my old MUni Weekend mini-sites. Here you go:

Also there’s the Downieville Downhill, which is not Lake Tahoe but also not too far away from Truckee. Also a shuttle, but if the trails are “open”, you can book a shuttle from one of the Downieville-based services.

Thanks! Looks like I’ll have to hit Mr Toads at least.