South Haven, MI Vacation Unicycle Video

We went up to South Haven, MI this weekend (May 3-6)
There was some great riding spots and I made A video.


Google Video (still uploading)

sorry bout the seat

It’s Ok. I broke two spokes also on the trip but today I spent all my money and KH Trials savings :frowning: (35$) to get some spokes, a Maxxis CC(Mine is worn down pretty bad), And a Yellow KH Gel Fusion Street. So Now I’m broke but at least my Uni will be fixed. :smiley:

Nice riding!

I haven’t seen a seat split in half like that before…wow.

I really liked that bench to bench gap you did…very smooth


The seat base cracked first but I had more shots to film so I kept riding with it cracked but then the 7 set ripped it totally.

Ah i see. Well, you’ll probably enjoy the comfort of the KH fusion saddle you’re getting.

I hope:) I’ll put pics up when It arrives

Sry for double post but google was having errors uploading the movie but it’s uploaded now.

:smiley: :sunglasses:
Every part of the vid was really good:)

A few questions:
How many days did you film for? You really got a lot of shots for a short vacation.
How long have you been riding.
How did you get interested in unicycling.
Did you talk your mom into learning? How did you convince her to try it?

How many days did you film for? 3 days
How long have you been riding. About 3 years.
How did you get interested in unicycling. This can go with the next question.
Did you talk your mom into learning? How did you convince her to try it?

To make a long story short… She learned first.

Here’s the long story:

My mom and some of her friends learned to ride
when they were about 11 or 12 but they didn’t really
learn any tricks but liked to ride and play Uni

My friend, Ethan, was at a bike shop and on the spur of the
moment bought a Unicycle. He didn’t learn how then and
put it in his garage.

Our church had an ice cream social and Ethan
for some random reason decided to bring the uni.
He was showing it to some people and my mom came
up and was like “I can ride that”. Then after
2 or 3 trys she freemounted and was riding around.
And we thought it was the coolest (she had told me before). Ethan and I
really got into it and we practiced for about an
hour a day after school on his back porch. We were
competing to see who could cross it longways first.
2 weeks later Ethan got across the porch and and
a couple days later I did too. We started getting
further and further and we would ride to each
others house. We would fall a lot but as we got
more experienced we fell less until it was down
to 2 or 3 falls per trip. Then one day Ethan got
all the way to my house with out falling once.
We learned to freemount soon after that.
My birthday soon came up and My parents got me a Torker
CX off Ebay. For over a month I rode every day
for about 3 hours and I worked my way up to a level four.
Ethan didn’t ride hardly at all now and I practiced by myself.
Then I started to ride less and less because I got bored of riding.

(Autumn 2006)
My friend Joel saw my Uni in the garage and decided to learn.
So that night he practiced for 3 1/2 hours straight and
got half a block. After that, He progressed and bought a torker lx
and I got back into unicycling now that I had someone to ride with.
We started learning to do more tricks and really liked trials.

Since Joel learned My Uni count went from 1 Uni to 6.
Also Joel bought a Torker Tx, A 05 KH trials, and yesterday
ordered a coker.

So now we ride regularly. Joel mostly does trials and I do that,
freestyle, and street. We might get into distance riding now
that he bought a coker.

Ok, There’s my life story;) . Phew, That was the longest post I ever made.

:sunglasses: cool :sunglasses:

P.S. I think this is one of my favorite vids by a non-pro rider.