South African Uni-Hockey Pics!

just to prove how much fun we had, u can now browse JayneZA’s collection of pics
carefully edited to exclude herself

if u recall this thread, u may be excited to know that the gallery linked to above also contains a short video-clip of me saying the dreaded word

i await your verdicts

and any uni-hockey team that now feels in need of a winter with blue skies and mid-teen (centigrade) temperatures, are now more than welcome to challenge us on our home ground

Tres Cool!


Great shots of the unihockey. Glad to see it coming together.

Are you sure that wasn’t Michael Moschen impersonating you saying, “kewl”?

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Re: Tres Cool!

oh, u say the nicest things…

Re: South African Uni-Hockey Pics!

Like I said - it might not be fair but it was MY camera :wink:

BTW - I thought the boyfriend-with-a-toolkit was called Ivan, not Ivor. He took the first few pics (and I edited myself out of them), I took the rest, and I didn’t have to edit myself out of those.

Once I’m actually on a unicycle and not cheating and using rollerblades I might include some pictures of me.

Next time I MUST get some video (with sound) of Devin walking around going “CHAFING”. It’s his fault - I WARNED him about that seat, we TOLD him about the magic of cycling shorts. AH the folly of youth.