Sources for steel and aluminum in metric sizes?

For the few Machinist/Welders out there, Do you know a good place to get Steel and Aluminum Tubing and rod in metric sizes?

over here in Australia we have shops that sell metal.

places like metaland and onesteel.

i’d say your best bet is to look up the yellow pages (do you have the yellow pages?) and you’ll find a big list of companies that sell steel/aluminium.

thats what i did

I will look at ventura steel tomarow, But I doubt they will have it in metric.

why cant you just buy it in inches and feet? and then just convert it over.

Its not a matter of knowing what size standard is in metric, but that i need metric sizes.

if you’ve got a 20mm axle, you want a 20mm slleve to go over it.

you dont wanna by 28/32ths or whatever dodgey measurements they use

Correct, i need a 20mm axle. Plus, i cant buy a .7874" axle.


McMaster Carr sells rounds and plates in metric sizes. Search their site for “round, metric” and you should be able to find what you want. I found 20mm aluminum round instantly. They are fast and cheap also. I am unsure of the steel grade you want but they are certainly a good starting point. I bought hardenable 17mm 17-4PH stainless from them which, when heat soaked, is about equivalent to CroMoly.

We deal with aluminum tubes, plates, and sheet at work, here’s our suppliers:

Ken-Mac Metals
Russel Metals
Ryerson Metals

I’m pretty sure they deal with metric sizes.

This place looks good for aluminum tubing. (scroll down that page)

From my experience in the UK mild steel is now supplied in metric units, however CroMoly is only available in imperial. I believe this is because the CroMoly mills (or atleast 4130 variant) are only in the US/Far East, rather than European countries.


Thanks a bunch guys for the replys. I found a shaft on that fit my specifications.



They’re also in Seattle, which is convenient for me. I ordered the tubing for my JC Coker Handle from them and picked it up in person which saved on the shipping costs.