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Does anyone now of a source for a Monty or other trials tire to fit the 19 inch trials rims. only carries the Monty tire and they are out of stock. I’m planning on building up a trials wheel as soon as I destroy my 20 inch wheel. Give me week and it’ll be trash.

Thanks… Mojoe

Also, where can I order a tube to fit it? Alfred E. Bike has a good price on the Alex rims.



I think it’s a standard 20" tube.

You might try Trialsin for the tire.

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I use a 20 x 2.25" tube with my Monty tyre and it works fine.


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Try, their big on regular bike trials and single speeding.

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Thanks Bob,
That was one of the first places I looked, but I couldn’t find them on the site untill I just did a search.


I’ve had good luck getting Monty stuff at Bainbridge Island Cycles–206-842-6413–outside Seattle.

Aaron, who works there, has friends on the Monty team. They try to keep a few tires in stock.

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David Maxfield
Mitchell, SD

Will other Trials Tires fit on Monty rims?

Does the Monty Rim take only Monty Tires or will the Luna Bike Trials work too?

Re: Will other Trials Tires fit on Monty rims?

the monty rim won’t take the monty tyre!!! i know it sounds stupid but i got my trials built up with a monty rim and ordered a monty tyre, when i tried it the monty tyre just pops off the rim becasue its too big for the rim! the inner tube went awol and blew up when it came out following the tyre!

the monty tyre fits on the alex becasue the alex is larger so it’s a tighter fit.

the luna, which i traded the monty for, fits the monty rim because it’s smaller than the monty tyre so it’s a tighter fit. wierd i know, im quite peeved that i cant use the monty because it looks soo cool.


Luna Tire

Does anybody know if they sell the Luna 20x2.5 inch trials tires seperately. I really don’t want to spend $50 for a monty tire. Plus I dont like the whitewall on the Monty’s.

in response to ginger freak the monty tire fits the monty rim fine you just have to make shur that the tire is a 19 inch and it will most certainly work i know lots of people who ride with that set up, and it works perectly for them.



I have about 110 Luna tires in stock.
They are 35.00 US


Bedford Unicycles

Check out the w-i-i-i-d-e rim they also sell. Its 36H, too. Kruzer King Look under “Wheel” on the LHS and then scroll to the bottom.

I also have had no problem using Monty tires on a Monty rim (although they are looser than you might want). Thanks George for the info about - I noticed a tire there called the Echo Supa Mod (under Mod Parts). Has anyone tried that on a unicycle with a Monty rim?


Unfortunately the rim description says “stock” which means 26". “Mod” is 20".

thats wierd then! actually i guess im the wierd one. is there a 20" and a 19" tyre then? becasue mine was too close a fit for a 20" if there is one :thinking: i couldn’t even get it to stay on for long with no pressure and as soon as i’d pumped it up i thought it would be ok but i started hopping, quite normally for a few minutes then boom! the tyre ripped off the rim! am i doing something wrong? if it is the wrong size tyre i was supplied with the wrong one to fit the rim.


No this is a typical, surprising truth that many have run into, not just you. One solution that a local rider used was to use tubular cement to glue the Monty tire to the Monty rim, which he says works fine. The brand he used was Hutchinson’s.