Source for square taper alloy cranks?

Anyone know where I might be able to find 150mm square taper alloy cranks? The only ones I knew of was the Torker LX and it seems like Torker is out of business. Everybody else seems to be using ISIS and/or charging an arm and a leg. Don’t really want steel cranks.

How about these?

I have various lengths of square taper crank in a box in the roof of my garage. Are you in the UK?

No, I’m in the US.

Compulsion Cycles has steel or aluminum cranks here.

Wow, it’s like cotterless cranks are becoming dinosaurs!

Unfortunately no alloy 150s (at the moment at least). Steel’s nice and cheap tho…

Tnat might be your best bet at the moment.

I looked at the MYS Store in Japan, but for cranks, their longest offering is 95mm. But if you want some 55mm cranks, this is the place to look:

They sure are cute!

55mm… Oh my… I can’t even imagine how those would feel, even with a small wheel that has got to interesting.

Have you tried such small ones before?

Looks like they do have 125mm as well

It took me a second to figure that out. You can choose your size from a drop-down list! Largest size is 125, which is pretty long for pretty much any Japanese rider I know. Muni doesn’t seem to be very big there, even though the country is very mountainous!

125s might work well for you also, unless you’re putting them on a pennyfarthing, or riding bumpy trails…

Those are steel. They have then on almost every website offering unicycle parts. :wink:

These ones are Aluminum, and they have them in polished if you don’t like black:

Appears to be short bike cranks. That is a left arm but where is the right? Right crank arms for a standard bike are not gonna work on a typical uni.

In my haste I didn’t actually look that it was just a left crank.

They do have cranks as a set with steel chainrings swaged on. It’s really easy to grind off the swaged metal, and then the chainrings come right off. I have a set of dual hole cranks from Trek that started life as bike cranks.

Yep - that’s the sort of thing I was looking for when i found those others (and didn’t notice they were steel). The 140mm cranks I have for my Schlumpf (first gen square taper version) were bike cranks like that and I removed the chainring - you’d have to look hard to see they weren’t originally unicycle cranks.

Here are could of pictures to show you what it looks like