Source for a 24 x 3 offroad tire? shows “out of stock” for their 24 x 3 tire. What are some other sources? I’ve tried thinner tires and would like to stay with something 3". Thanks.

Unfortunately, 24x3 Dh/mtb tires are dwindling in both popularity and availability, due to 26er being the current standard for mtb, and MUni following suit. Having said that, I believe the Arrow racing wide bite is still available in 24x3. And this one the lowest priced.

You can order them from UDC Canada here. It’s ~$10 cheaper then UDC USA which might make up for extra shipping costs.

Your link is a “reported attack page”. It’s weird since the website is legit, as far as I know. I clicked on all the UDC links from the UDC US website and all were good except UDC Canada!

This is what came up when I clicked on the link you posted:


Ooops, sorry about that guys.

It’s not an attack page unless it was hacked, it’s which is UDC Canada. If you don’t want to use the link you can go there yourself, it’s the duro 24x3.0.