Source for 28" tubes?

Okay, I need guidance. Got my first flat last night and discovered that no bike shops locally stock what I need.

The Kenda tire says “28 x 1 5/8 x 1 3/4” and “700 x 45c”. It also says 47-622

The tube that came with the uni is marked “28 x 1 1/2”.

One shop said they have a 700 x 38 with a presta valve which I can adapt with a collar. Will that work?

I’ve done a fair amount of internet surfing to find a source of the recommended size but haven’t had any luck. Any suggestions?

Pat has 700c tubes with either shraeder or presta valves that are suitable for tyre widths up to 47mm. May not be much use to you in the US though…

The ones I saw are made by Continental if that helps (German manufacturer, also make bike and car tyres - not sure if they’re available in America?)

Pumping up a slightly narrower tube (like the 38mm you mention) to fit your tyre may well work OK, but it obviously stretches the rubber out thinner and you would be more prone to punctures. Saying that, the Continentals I mentioned claim to be suitable for 28-47mm tyres, so at 45mm they’re going to be pretty close to their maximum stretch anyway.

Hope that’s some help to you :slight_smile:


My 28 Sun uni tube blew the first day, same tub you describe. The bike shop sold me a smaller tube (don’t know the size) but it contiues to work fine.

Especially if it’s a Sun, be sure to check for metal burrs inside the tire. I put that tube protection tape around the inside rim to better protect the tube.

I had looked for the correct size tube, and found a web site. Never order it, but it should be in my favorites list at home, I’ll post that tonight.

I don’t know about the tire valves.


I appreciate the suggestions, Rob and Chrashing. Yes, it is a Sun and the puncture was on the rim side of the tire. I’m going to pick up some solid rim tape tonight to prevent possible recurrences.

I’d stock up on replacement tubes if I could find a good source.

On the other hand, my 20" uni is still on the original tube four years after purchase. Go figure.


Re: Source for 28" tubes?

“patmoore” <> writes:

> The tube that came with the uni is marked “28 x 1 1/2”.
> One shop said they have a 700 x 38 with a presta valve which I can adapt
> with a collar. Will that work?

28" = 700c and 1 1/2" = 38.1 mm. The shop is selling you the same
size tube. The only issue I can think of is that the hole in the rim
is bigger than you need to fit a Presta valve. I don’t know if that’s
a problem.

The Presta to Schraeder is small and will work fine (assuming you need
it - some pumps work on both valves).


Sorry so late Ken, but I selfishly had to shorten the SUN uni fork neck an inch before I logged on the web tonight. (Not the seat post.)

Here is a link to 28x1.5" tube. . (I haven’t had business with these folks.


I went to a bike shop and showed the owner the tire. He dug around and found a 700 x 48 with a Presta stem. He told me the 28 x 1 1/2 that had been shipped with uni was too small for it.

He gave me a small rubber collar to insert where the valve stem goes to accomodate the Presta. I put everything back together tonight and gave it a test ride with 80 psi. Nice ride…