Sound System Cart

I finally got a chance to take some photos of our sound system cart. We use this in parades and shows, usually one of us pushes it while riding our uni but sometimes a parent will just walk with it.

Its a three wheel cart made of square tubing and plywood. The handle slips into the tubing and secures with clips.

The system is powered by a 12 volt deep cycle battery, a converter is mounted on top of the battery case. A 120 volt mixer is strapped on top of the speaker. The music is run by a simple CD player, a microphone is mounted on the handlebar for introductions or working the crowd.
In the pics I have the mixer on backwards, the dials should be towards the back so the rider can make adjustments without dismounting.

Full pics here.

On the topic of parades;

Any suggestions for music tracks? Our current selection if fine for the crowd but the riders would like some more variety…

(We already know where to find that &^%$#&! circus song)

Wow, I want one of these, it’d be wicked for the London skate.

You should play lots of really loud music on it, rage aginst the machine, pitchshifter etc. and all dress up in muni / trials gear. Especially if it’s the sort of parade with marching bands and horrible things like that in it.


I agree. That thing is wasted for a parade! That thing belongs in a skate park. Don’t most parades already have music?


That has three wheels. Shouldn’t it be in the “tricycle” forum?

The parade has music, but that music is only with the people making it. You never know when you’re going to end up behind a bagpipe band. Sure, bagpipes are cool, but not if they only play three songs over and over for two hours! Then I don’t like bagpipes no more for a while.

I saw that music cart in the parade in Seattle, and it made the Uniques one of the best-equipped groups to be in a parade. Of course they had the home-court advantage (they probably wouldn’t have flown that thing to China, for instance). But it definitely focuses more crowd attention on what you’re doing.

You know how general audiences look at unicycling. No matter what you do, the basic reaction is “Wow, look at those unicycles,” “How do they do that,” “How’s the weather up there,” etc. With a mike and amplifier, you and now call attention to tricks your riders are about to do, and you can have your own personal music without having to bring a car along.

As with any performance in front of an audience, remember who they are. It’s lots of families and kids. “Skate video” music is fine, as long as it’s not too overboard. Don’t use rude lyrics. But if you want to be a “good” parade performance, you have to appeal to the parade’s audience, not a group of people that probably wouldn’t go to a parade in the first place :slight_smile: