SOU (save my uni)

Ok I live in Grafton New south wales australia. i am looking for a price of about $100 to $200. i want one for freestyle. PLEASE!:smiley: :o

You won’t get a decent one here for that price. Try saving a bit more and get one of these.

I think it would be the best quality/cheapest uni for what your after. Anything lesser wouldn’t be worth buying.

You could also wait until these are back in stock, but the quality isn’t as good. But they are cheaper.

yeah id keep saving for a good uni, with isis definetly because it is stronger.
the unicycles you posted so far arent that good, theyre really for learners not freestyle. they will break eventually and youll wish you bought something better to start with, so just save a bit.

thanks So much!!!

Ps im new to the uni thing so i need people to think for me!:smiley:

Get a torker LX if you new and want to do freestyle. that sounds like the perfect uni for you, and its only 80$ on ebay!

your joking right! 80 BUCKS holy crap thats a good deal! :astonished:

Do not get it.

Forget what he said, save your 80$, and get something better, as other people have said. (ie the KH24" you are looking at, however that is best suited to Muni, and some trials (not freestyle))

If you want a good strong unicycle that you can do trials, street, flat, Muni, and freestyle on then the Nimbus ISIS trials is what you want. It is a good compromise on all of those, best suited to trials and street.

ok fair enough I ll save up my money!

Seeing as how you live in Australia it is actually this one you probably want. Your just gonna have to save if you want something decent. This is the best/cheapest uni you can get. Anything cheaper is pretty much a waste of money.

People, please try to make sure your suggestions are relevant to where the people asking for help live. This seems to happen everytime someone asks for help. They get links to all the foreign UDC where the prices are wrong and misleading and the items in stock are completely different.

Thanks heaps, real cheep and good QUALITY! I thank u all for i have absolutly no idea about anything uni-ish!

I gave him the link the the USA UDC, because of this reason. You’ll find that the picture on UDC aus does not do the nimbus ISIS trials justice at all - the picture is of the non-splined version.

I also did not suggest to him in any way that the link I posted was where he should necessarily purchase it from.

I understand that, but maybe in future it would be worth mentioning if its foreign as sometimes (especially new people) don’t realise this and are unintentionally given misleading prices.

Also to 1wheelwonder. I just noticed that you mentioned you wanted freestyle. If that is so then may I also suggest on of these two:
just depends what size you want and you can choose between 2 pretty colours.

Different stlyes of riding use slightly different unis (not that you can’t use them for others), so you need to decide which you will be for the most and go with it.

Think ill go for the nimbus II 24’’ ISIS. Pretty cool unis all round!

for freestyle?
20" is normally a better style for freestyle, and the nimbus isis is a good choice.

also, for his and my future reference, is the frame wide enough to fit a 19" wheelset and trials tire?

just looking on ebay, what about the KH 20’’ for $200… worth it or not??? :thinking:

Yes, pick it up immedietly before someone else sees it… :sunglasses:

You should stop looking at overseas stuff. It will cost a fortune to ship.
Just buy the Nimbus ISIS and get it over and done with. If you don’t like it later then I may buy it off you. You will always be able to sell it to someone if its ISIS.
this one:

Happened to me like a week ago with that same uni:D
looking at it on the USA site (I’m in Aus)
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: