Sort of fixed my body posture problem


Hi, I posted a few weeks back looking for ideas/help to fix a problem (veering off to the right). I had some good feedback.

The problem sort of fixed itself on Wednesday - I had a flat riding home from town so I switched uni’s. I moved from a 24" with knobbys to a 26" with slicks. Problem went away.

Even the mounts became easier, so I’m going to blame either the knobby or setup on the 24" and just stick to the 26" for commuting.

Phil from Melbourne.

Riding sober makes a world of difference doesn’t it. Not as entertaining, but being able to ride straight has it’s advantages.

Keep the curve outta your swerve.


Re: Sort of fixed my body posture problem

I had a similar experience when I first got my Pashley Muni. Roger Davies pointed out that the tyre that comes with the Pashley has a ridge round the tyre in the centre. As soon as I swapped to a different tyre (still a knobbly, but without a ridge) the lean and direction problem went away.

Have fun!