sorry to ask...

hey guys - I’m sorry to ask, since I know you guys have probably heard this question several times, and I apologize in advance, but i need some advice on a uni. I am going to get into trials this spring and I am considering 2 option: The KH 20 and a profile setup. I know the profile is a bit more, but I would be willing to pay that if it’s worth it. Is the KH going to hold up to serious drops? I am not going to be doing anything too insane but maybe I will someday, and I’d rather spend the money on a nice profile setup now if it’s really worth it. I like the way the united frame looks, so I was going to maybe get that, with the profile/Alex wheelset, a KH seat and some platforms. Or just the plain KH 20. THanks for your opinions,


If you’ve seen his ridiculously good video, you’ll know that Kevin (‘tugboat’) is pretty constantly doing 6’ drops drops and so on on an 8-spline hub. I’d say that anything that’s splined will probably be strong enough. Having said this, I went with the Profiles because the cranks have a lifetime warranty. I’ve never heard of a Profile hub breaking so that’s not really an issue. I just decided it’d be worth the extra bucks for absolute security. I’m hoping to work my way up to 6’ drops some day. It’s really up to you though.

Good luck with your decision making,