sorry...more color questions...

below is a pic of the painted parts of my burrent uni. now the tire will be black as will the seat and seatpost clamp…my question is do you think i should add black to the frame and rim. and if so in what design?



keep it simple

sexy unicycle right there

but i feel like im just following suit…i really want it to stand out from the crowd, but im not sure how…

keep the rim all white, maybe some black stripes on the frame? and if u paint the pedals have one be white and one black. you could also maybe put black flame stickers on the frame because they would look awesome with all the white.


That looks very cool! :sunglasses:

zebra stripes.

or do thick black horizontal stripes.

mornish!!! your a genius!!! im gonna order som black flames from bedford for my frame!

i was just thinking that

ok i just ordered my black flames decals and a sticker from bedford for my helmet. it cost me 10 bucks but its worth it! ill reprt back next week as thats when the wheel will be rebuilt and it will be funny assembled

i was gonna paint it like this.

unicycle creator#4.bmp (201 KB)

too late…i already ordered my flames

p.s. amanda…emos are so f*gs

yes it will be AWSOME!!! :astonished:

ok i will try not to be so judgemental

no no orange…nobody liked it when i did my poll besides i alreadybought and painted it white besides you wanted to do yours orange.

p.s. maybe we should continue this in MR?

never seen one like that, but it should look cool! take lots of pics when its done!

you are on a unicycle, you already stand out.