Sorry if I missed your emails

Hi all,

For several days, my email service was down, and messages to me were
bouncing. If you experienced any bounced messages, I may not have received
them at My work email address (from which I’m writing)
was not affected.

Lanset Communications Corp., my soon-to-be-former ISP and hosting service,
had themselves a customer service disaster when their mail server went down
and killed a lot of customers’ accounts. They are now back up and running
with a brand new, improved server, But not before being rude to me on the
phone and failing to send out sufficient information for me to get my mail
working after their system was reconfigured.

So I cannot recommend Lanset to anyone. Soon, will move over
to, which is a very highly rated hosting service based in
Ft. Meyers, FL.

So that was more detail than you probably needed to know, but if you think I
missed anything important, please send it again.

Thank you,
John Foss
the Uni-Cyclone

“Is that perspiration dripping out of your helmet?”
“No, it’s Chanel No. 5.” – Exchange between Michelle and Jeff Sloan after
the cross country race at the 2002 California Mountain Unicycle Weekend in
Santa Cruz

Good gosh! I hope you didn’t miss this thread:


I’m only 30 minutes away from Ft. Myers. maybe I’ll go down there and check out the server. :o