Sorry everyone

Sorry everyone for being such an ass on my other accounts :slight_smile:

humm… ill forgive you if youve changed. We shall see.

haha sounds good

He’s a good guy, just with strong opinions. lol. Hope you stick around this time man. Good luck, lol. laters

-Shaun Johanneson

hahaha thanks hommie

do you two no eatch other?

what if you get banned again. will u change it to just max? or maxxxisbackintown? eventually youll run outta choices

and how many times have you been back in town? i mean is it like 2 or 3. what do you do to get banned

actaully just once ? and yea me n shaun know each other haha

oh and to get banned just give shit to everyone :roll_eyes:


Glad you are trying to make a change!

Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

why’d you get banninated? I didn’t notice you being t3h doucheness

Have you read anything he posts?

hahahahahaha… men comon my old posts owned

either grow up, or LEAVE.
preferably, grow up.

Why did you think it was cool post the way you did? When you have unicycling skill, why be nasty to other unicyclists?

yea i searched your posts and a lot of them are douche like. But who am I to judge…

hey Im making this as an apologie thing u guys dont have to come here and bitch at me…

and ajme spotter WTF did I ever do to you ?