sorry, everyone.

I was riding down the road after a trail ride today. There was a curb and I was riding along on the curb having fun and a truck came up behind me. It didn’t want to pass me ( don’t know why there was lots of room). I just continued along, the curb ended and I hopped down to the road and continued along. The truck followed me for a while. I figured he was scared I would fall so I just moved all the way to the right and rode as straight as possible to show him that he could go by. Just as he gets the guts to pass me, my pedal touches the curb. not hard but enough. the unicycle kicks from under me. It caught my leg so I couldn’t step off. I landed just in front of the truck on my back still holding the unicycle. It came very close to running my legs over. There were like 4 cars behind him by now too. I never expected it, I was on my way down from nearly cleaning a very long and difficult trail here. A minute later a car flew passed me going about 45 mph. It was less than a foot from me. This happens all the time and I usually am fine with it, but after earlier I realized how easy it would be for me to get so killed and I was really shaken up by the car. Anyway, sorry guys: those people in the truck are definately left with a very negative impression of all of us and that is my fault. Anyway, Happy Easter!!!

Wow, I’m glad you’re OK!

This coming from sofa, who on a miscalculated ‘ride down the stairs to the sidewalk’ landed flat on his back and felt the wind of a passing car against his face, the engine humming in his ears!

It sure is a creepy feeling to be almost hit by car!

Re: sorry, everyone.

Yet another advantage to the Coker.

Its pedals clear curbs quite easily.


Cars shouldn’t be passing you anyway if you’ve got a Coker. :wink:

I’m sure glad you weren’t hurt.

A little off topic but here goes.

Yesterday, while I was driving, I saw what looked like a lady on a road bike getting hit by a car. The whole thing happened not more then 30 yards in front of me. It was one of the scariest things I have seen. Apparently the lady was not stuck by the car, but fell while emergency braking because the car tried to beat her to make a turn and misjudged her speed. She was not injured, but I’m sure she was shaken up.

Also yesterday, but this time while I was uniing, I was descending a rather large hill on my 24 with 127’s when I spot a car parked in a drive way blocking my path. I figured I had plenty of time to stop. As it turns out, I badly misjudged the speed I was traveling and my ability to stop. I did not strike the car, but I came very close. Imagine how negative an impression I would have given the owner of that (parked) car had I made contact with it.

I have had many close calls with cars when on my bike but none on my uni… yet.


I wouldn’t ride a uni, especially a Coker, in traffic for any reason. I had enough close calls with drivers who believed I had no right to exist when I was a bicycle commuter. I don’t care about the morality of ‘cyclist rights’, I want to live. carjug

Re: sorry, everyone.

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carjug <> wrote:
)I wouldn’t ride a uni, especially a Coker, in traffic for any reason. I
)had enough close calls with drivers who believed I had no right to exist
)when I was a bicycle commuter. I don’t care about the morality of
)‘cyclist rights’, I want to live.

Be that as it may, riding a Coker, or anything moving 10-12 MPH, on the
sidewalk is a great way to get yourself killed. You’re safer in the
street if you’re moving above jogging pace.

Glad you’re ok, Gauss!

If I’m in the situation where traffic is backing up I almost always just step aside and let them go. It’s humbling but the real problem is not our ability; it’s the driver’s ability (usually).

I once saw a man hit by a car on the streets of Monrovia, Liberia. He had just stepped out to talk to a driver who had stopped in the road. People in cars tend to think that absolutely nothing else should be there and it should be going their speed.

I once heard of a driver who, being forced to slow down because of a traffic accident and people injured in the road, yelled at the rescue people to get “that garbage” out of the way!

Happy Easter to you too, and again, glad you’re ok!

Firstly, I’m glad you’re not hurt. Secondly, I ride on the road a fair amount, and I wouldn’t criticise anyone for making a considered and responsible decision to ride on the road. Thirdly, yes, if one of us gives a bad impression, or causes an accident, it might reflect on all of us, and we should all bear that in mind.

But moving on from that, I read dozens upon dozens of motor accident reports a week; I interview drivers who have been in accidents. I visit accident scenes. I read medical reports, Coroner’s reports, and I sometimes attend Court and listen to drivers denying responsibility for their actions - and sometimes getting away with it. On Thursday, I had to speak to a young man who’d lost his mother and step father in a sudden accident apparently solely caused by irresponsible or careless driving. (We may never know exactly what happened because the ‘guilty’ driver also died.)

The point of all this? MOST drivers accept little or no personal responsibility for their own safety, let alone the safety of others. Most drivers believe that making a fast unimpeded journey is a RIGHT, not a PRIVILEGE. On a cycle, you are not a person; you are not even a hazard; you are an obstacle to someone’s progress. That’s how too many of them see you. This isn’t hearsay - this is long and direct experience of interviewing them.

Don’t die on the roads proving a point about your right to be there. End of rant. :o