sorry but fluck results request

Could we please have some table formed results of all competitions like the ones that were on the wall at fluck, sorry i know your probably all busy, and thanks again for the efforts, but results would be wicked.


I still don’t know how many trials lines I landed. Probably somewhere between 10 and 20. No idea, though.


:stuck_out_tongue: Bordom

Is fluck some type of tournament?

i think we should all just pretend you didn’t just say that and talk in invisibleness about it
of course its a competition

FLUCK stands for Fakse Ladlepads Uni Cycle Klub, which is a club in Denmark.

It really should be called ‘the FLUCK convention’.

I believe it’s also called the European Muni and Trials Convention and Chapmionships?

Hey, I’m new, don’t be a punk.


I woulden’t let it bother you, we were all newbies to this site at one point :slight_smile:

I was never a newbie…jk, its always nice to get new unicyclists on the forums, but I would like to see who won each event, and how others did as well.

your mother gave birth whist ridding?

usually when people stop being newbies, they avoid using too many abbreviations and write in coherent sentences.

true, they seem to realise its not msn. (i’m not entirly inocent here with the odd lol :o )

and start correcting people’s spelling.


Actually it’s Fakse Ladeplads Uni Cykel Klub and last word in your post should be spelled Championships. :roll_eyes: