sorry but can someone translate this

sorry to start a thread on this but can someone please translate this to english.

“tun’es vraiment qu’n bouffon de faire un montage pour reapassez 300 fois le meme truc de merde”

someone commented on my video but i dont know what theyre saying…
thanks bye.

ummm i put it in the translator and it said…

“tun’ be really that N buffoon to make an assembly for reapassez 300 times the same trick of shit”

lol :thinking:

Its french i guess

Roughly: You really are a buffoon, who has made a film montage that repeats 300 times the same truckload of sh*t.

I think that’s not a fan, then.

Bahahahahaha, what a tosser. Thanks guys. Obviously I’ve made an enemy even though I didn’t do anything accept put a video up haha.
Oh well thanks guys. What language is that, by the way?


I confirm Mikefule’s translation
the language itself is a proof that the commentator is someone fairly young (and immature?)

  • the language is kindof french slang spoken by a youngster-

This is a contemporary French slang phrase with obscure use in most parts of Catalonia, particularly where the French are viewed with disdain and their language is ridiculed. The literal and figurative translations are both loose with respect to the vocabulary. The street meaning is, however, quite clear. It means, “this topic belongs in Just Conversation…put it there,” and is meant to educate new gang initiates.

What he said. :smiley:

I would say :
you’re nothing more than a comical, building a [unicycle] setup just to do and re-do 300 times the same shit.

I did not translate the numerous misspellings :smiley:

bahaha thats funny

Oh, I did not read it that way, but it may be possible.
Given the fact that we know nothing about the context…

Marc : are you saying that french is going to be as ambiguous as English?:smiley:
(great news: that’s why english is the language of business!)
Harper: I never know when you are serious!

C’est toi le bouffon :wink:

You can answer him

Using the free firefox browser, get the free translator add on. Then you can right click on text and select from a long menu of what translation you want. You could write something in English, then translate it with a click to French, Korean, Arabic etc.

I would say :
you’re nothing more than a comical, building a [unicycle] setup just to do and re-do 300 times the same shit.

Try and translate word for word (literal) and you miss the emotional gist. With this particular gem, riddled with typos and such, the kid is basically saying — You’re just another buffoon building a uni so you can bust out the same old shit 300 times.

I’m thinkin’ Francois wants to see something new . . .


thanks, yeah youtube, although it was repetitive, he didnt have to be a big meany.

bloody youth of today, when i was a kid, we were never that rude.
hey i’ve been meaning to ask you, are you the unicyclist in the cover of guinness world record book?

hahaha whoops sorry, my mistake. Too late now though, so your post was a little pointless, or can they be moved?

thanks people

pic please?
(I would certainly not break any record whatsoever :smiley: )

First it was KH unicycles, now its Firefox. What else can we get you to advertise?

You forgot the Dimension Nylon pedals :roll_eyes:


wot he said… i would have said buffoon or clown not comical but ehehee thats getting picky. And you cant translate that kinda sentence with a language translator, its mostly slang/badly spelt plus language translators just get everyhting wrong unless its real simple.