sorry another which uni

which uni should i buy

This torker dx 24

torker dx

or this United

united 24" muni

fyi the torker can be bought on ebay for around 160 USD plus shipping

The torker, It’ll last you longer. If you put a differant tire on, it’ll work decent as a real muni as well.

any suggestion on another tire???

According to this thread, an Arrow Wide Byte 3.0 will fit.

I believe that is with the 2005 frame. Check which one you’re getting before it is shipped.

I checked the Seattle Bike Supply online catelog. The 2005’s and 2004’s are listed separately with different SKU’s.

On another note, (thread jack) who is the rider in the Torker Desktop Image?

I dont know, but I like how it shows a 20" and he’s riding a 24".