Sorry another cranklip related thread

Can anyone tell me wether these are crankflips or what I’m doing wrong

no… they are 1 footed (almost) full revs

you need to take both feet off the pedals for one. you look like you got the rest down.
also keep riding forward. dont lean back so much

Thanks will keep practicing as soon as the hail stops

So dude can you land a crankflip? And another question, can joe baxter land one? and another, Can anyone in Britain land one?


yeah peoplein britan can crankflip lucas is oin the uk

that amanda can half flip shes lives in britan i think?

Thanks for that mention dale but it sounds like what I’ve got on camera aren’t crankflips but I’m pretty sure I have landed one
cheers anyway m8

Dude read the thread.


Soo lucas do you reckon anyone from britain have landed one?

I have stopped caring so much who lands one first because its pointless. we are both gonna land it soon and its pointless rivalry.


P.S i hope you get a good one on tape!

id laff if some1 beat u all to it … i know there are unicyclist that dont post on here

my brother knows one… he says hes good but ive never sceen him

best of luck to you both

See this is nice init all of us uniers bein friendly. It was never really a rivalry mike with me anyways I wanted to land one but I figured some one in uk probably has already Joe said last night that he could do them last year. I sometimes think people are too unfriendly in this forum considering were all into the same thing we should be alot less harsh to each other.
I’m gona go ride
peace Lucas

Yea. its wet outside and i have my plastics on so i might ride later. I really wanna ride with you sometime are you coming up this sat??

I got work till 1 maybe 12 if im licky casue i did overtime last week.


Yeh i should be coming I’ve potentially got football but ive called it off for now. I just wanna ride as much as i can atm

cool where are we gonna ride. Near my house there is a 6 set, 4 set (might get kicked out), picnic tables, some rocks not many like 5 or 6. I cant think of anything more but amanda might be able. Uffculme has a 5 set up to 9 set i think and is nice to ride (its sweet nothings skate stopped)


[edit] ohh yea its not to good near the centre i think [edit]

I can only get to the centre by bus how far from centre do u live I would have thought the centre has lots of spots, but I spose its really busy

Yea its busy and its just not very good. my thoughts i spose but i am willing to come if amanda or anyone else really wants to ride there.

I can meet you in town sometime to if we need to go uffculme or my house.



I would call that a crankflip. Try harder to remove the backfootl, but it looks just like a backflip forward, since in a backflip usually the backfoot stays on the pedal, so I call it good. Ha. Nicely done. Just try a better arial, good luck.

-Shaun Johanneson