Soreness around my crotch

everytime i ride for a while everywhere around my crotch gets sore and it hurts to ride at all. is there a good way to stop this really?

A nice Nimbus or Kris Holms Saddle(aka Seat) will help tremendously with soreness around the lower extremities. You will probably have to buy a new seatpost also.

Pictures? just kiddin’.

Time and experience toughens.
I wear padded cycling underwear beneath loose shorts.
The seams on regular breifs and especially the seams on bluejeans can be brutal on longer rides.

Padded spandex riding shorts worn over a pair of tight undies makes a world of difference. I can’t stand riding without gearing up first.

On top of this, a $5 seat mod will make a huge difference:

Here’s my advice and what I have done over the last 5 months:
try as many seats as you van afford. I went through about 5 different types of seats. All used, bought here. Then, when I found the seats that fit me the best. I bought some shiny new ones. I finally stuck with a KH freeride (for muni) and street (for road riding). I also have 2 air seats that I am keeping around for occassional road riding because I am torn between the KH street and the air seat.

Back in the 1970’s when I learned to ride, uni seats were more like cheep bicycle seats but double ended. From the abuse of learning to ride, the seats would get smashed in and sharp metal edges formed that would tare into your pants legs near your crotch. I remember my mom throwing a fit because I was ruining all my jeans. :angry:

My plan to improve the comfort is to work on my SIF skills! :smiley:

I’m still trying to figure out the best solution for me, my next attemp will be Noxema or something like it.

Without getting too graphic, the issue I seem to have is not so much friction but everything between the legs getting squished to ether side against my legs when sitting and riding. The seat then pinches all that during each stroke of the pedals. Over time it becomes painful and can produce “saddle sores”.

If I could find a way to keep my scrotum on top of the seat then I wouldn’t get pinched on the sides. Kinda like the old bra commercials: “lifts and separates”. I’ve been experimenting with jock straps, compression shorts and such but haven’t hit on a winner yet. Baseball cups are just fricken uncomfortable, but the idea is a good one.

One way that seems to help, but still not ideal, is to place a wide band-aid on both sides of my crotch. Some people will enjoy the process of taking them off but I’m not one of them. :astonished:

I’m open to constructive suggestions, unless they involve hot sauce.

Didn’t someone say wear tight underwear? Have you tried that yet?

I’m suffering from the same eye-wincing problem, BH. I think on my last ride I ended up with the twins tied in a double bowline with a half-hitch on top. At this rate I’ll be able to throw them over my shoulders before setting out on a ride. I had thought about cutting a hole in the seat to let them swing, but then I’d have to use a mudguard to prevent stones flicking up at them, and they may have to be abandoned in a UPD :astonished: .
My tentative solution is probably a tad more sensible - I’ve ordered a new KH seat for when I get back down to Aussie.
I know how serious this is for you. When I’m out riding, distance between dismounts is now largely down to how much cod-twisting I can endure. I don’t have any endurance problems with my legs or with my sit -bones. It’s frustrating, as the twins demand far more attention than I feel is their due. I hope the new seat solves the problem.


:stuck_out_tongue: THAT has to be the funniest post I have ever read on a forum! OMFG my sides hurt

Well I’m glad I got to share some of the pain, although my sides are OK - It’s the central bits that are doing all the hurting…:smiley:

Calluses …

Some times I wonder, do we try lots of different seats only to helps to us realize no seat is all that comfortable? Its not the seat but the lack of calluses …

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BungeeJoe - My calluses are so big, I caught a callus mining company trying to peg a lease on my left nut yesterday. Please let me retain a tiny glimmer of hope that the twins will one day find a happy resting place…


‘They’ may never Rest In Peace on a long ride unless numb.

As Pink Floyd would sing - “Comfortably numb”?

i just got used to unicycling and the soreness just went away:)

Hmmm, it may be an age-related problem.

Was going to say this. You could have the best seat known to man, If you’ve never ridden before and you hop on like some sort of super hero, you’ll get sore until your thighs are used to the constant rubbing.

G’day, Riot.
I do plenty of road and track racing on those double unicycle things that they call bikes. The thighs are not a problem (except when wearing jeans - hmmm, don’t think I’ll be doing that too often again :roll_eyes: ).
The problem is the extra pair of knees that dangle down as we menfolk grow older. In cooking terms, the apricots are being tenderised and rolled into a filo pastry.
That being said, last night I went for a ride and Cod 1 and Cod 2 must have found a nice cosy spot to curl up in, as I didn’t hear a peep out of them except for one short section where I must have inadvertantly dropped one out of bed.
The saddle on my Torker LX is diabolical. The seam is like something designed to run a monorail passenger train on. I think it may even transgress a number of provisions in the Geneva Convention. I’m sure that the KH that I’ve ordered is less likely to be designed as a Weapon of Mass Destruction. I told the twins, and they’re very excited about it.

On another track, who rides distance with their saddle horizontal, and who rides with the saddle tilted up in the front? Does tilting it up place more weight back on the sit bones?



Define distance. 40 feet, 4 km, 40 miles, 150 miles, or what is distance to you?