Soreen + muni = urge to vomit?

Ate some Soreen dried malt-loaf out of the fridge this morning and then headed out for a ten-mile ride. The first mile was a long gradual uphill which these days I can do 90% of it, the last 10% with an increasing gradient that finishes me every time.

On the steep downhill that followed I started to notice a slight cramp feeling in my stomach. I normally get that at the end of a ride if I’ve drunk slightly too much water, but only a tiny bit of H20 had passed my lips at this early stage. I thought nothing of it.

But a few minutes later on the tarmac road which has a very short but very steep uphill section which I can just about make every time. When I reached the summit something was wrong, I felt slightly nauseous. A steep downhill followed by a similar short-steep uphill on gravel which I made up, and now I really did feel sick.

The sickness stayed with me to the bottom of that gradient and the third gradient which always finishes me off again… feeling as though I would actually vomit any minute I dismounted to see if the sick feeling would go away.

It didn’t. Not even as I began to push the muni up the hill.

I rested some more. Nothing was going to come out of my mouth I don’t think, but the nausea was still there. After five minutes sitting on the ground in thorough indecision, I turned round and pushed the muni all of the 1.5 miles back to the car.

Of course by the time I pulled out of the car park the sickness feeling had gone, but I was demotivated enough to just drive home and forget about the whole thing.

I’ve eaten before a ride several times, sometimes Soreen and sometimes flapjack, and I’ve never had this feeling before, so I’m really as a loss as to what happened. Was it because I mixed in some orange juice? Was it because I rode about twice as fast as I usually did at the start? Was it because I had a curry last night?

Has anyone else had a feeling of food sickness during muni or indeed any other physical exercise? Were you able to figure out exactly what triggered it, or is nausea during physical exercise a normal thing?

Was it unusually hot? I would say that an upset stomach is not unusual with hard exercise and a full stomach. Add uncomfortable heat with humidity and things can get bad in a hurry.

I puked during my Mt. Equinox uphill race a couple years ago. (You can read the gory details in the uni race link below my sig) It was pretty hot, but it was probably due to what I’d chosen to eat for breakfast: fried eggs and bacon :astonished: . That’s the last time I eat that before hard exercise.

I felt the same way after watching Jersey Girl.

If you wolf food then go straight out riding, you can feel rough.

I find if I eat a big breakfast then go out and commute as fast as, that makes me feel like vomming. I tend to have breakfast then shower, procrastinate etc. for a bit before riding, which is much nicer.

Breakfast is the worst meal for it, somehow lunch, and eating food when you’re out doesn’t seem to do it. Maybe breakfast time your digestive system is just waking up or something.


I never eat before I ride to work. By the time I get there and have had a shower I’m ravenous, but eating before I set off in the mornings just seems wrong.

I’ve never had a problem with Soreen though. Don’t blame the Soreen. Sweet, sweet Soreen. It’s not your fault, you lovely gooey, stickey, yummy… Sorry, where was I? Oh, yes, Soreen is good.


I blame the curry.

Jim made a curry last night that was far too spicy for me. Being a nice and polite wife, I ate it anyway. I didn’t sleep well last night and missed my karate today due to extreme curry effects. :frowning:

I’m with Joe. I find eating much food early in the morning is a bad thing for me - I rarely eat more than a banana before riding to work, then eat more food when I arrive. Eating during a long ride doesn’t bother me, as long as I don’t stop for too long and get cold. Obviously don’t sprint up a huge hill straight after eating though.


Personally, I don’t like to start off with a heavy stomach, precisely because it makes me feel a bit off - especially if I start exercising hard. I actually find this to be true any time in the day; some foods keep my stomach heavy for a long time. Cornish Pasty springs to mind!

On the other hand, once I’ve expended some energy pedalling long distances in the cold wind, I’ve found that I can cheerfully wolf down half a loaf of Soreen, or a load of pepperami and pork scratchings and not find it a bother.

i puked on a mtb ride ages ago.

it was really weird. i felt like crap and was riding along and i just went
ohhhhhhhh. and it was down my leg and my rgiht crank but got most of it out the side.

i think i had too much water, not enough food and pushed myself too hard.

That will do it.

Same thing happened to me, just a little different. It was at about 5AM and I was walking home after a long night of drinking beer and whiskey.


Me too. I can barely make it out of bed without my breakfast.