Sore Thighs from learning to idle

I normally ride bet. 8 to 10 miles a week on my 26". With the onset of winter, I’ve been attempting to learn how to idle on my 20". I idle for 10 minutes w/each leg in the lower position. After my first few days my thighs were very sore. Does anyone have any tips to make this easier?

Yeah. Keep at it.

You’re using different muscles than you do for riding, or at least using the same ones differently. I’ve just been through this. It gets better. Just like when you learned to ride forward, you’ll learn to use your muscles more efficiently and they’ll have less work to do. And, of course, the process, itself, will strengthen them.

Yeah, it definitely gets easier. Learning to ride backward will help, too.

Thanks for the info and encouragement. I’ll keep practicing.