sore testicle

i just made a comeback to uni and after 2 days of riding hard my left testicle is throbbing. i dont have medical insurance and it hurts. has this ever happened to anyone else?

Try not to sit on top of them, when you mount find a comfy spot on the saddle where the ‘boys’ are not going to get hurt.

feels much better. i think the vein to the testie was twisted, but worked its way back. they got banged up a bit

Testicles are the number one reason I question the theory of intelligent design.

That and Knees, and lungs, and … basically everything.

But Bicycle shorts help, They are tight and keep the balls out of the way of pesky saddles.

Also After the 3rd time you do it you won’t do it anymore

Balls in front!

But if your balls are throbbing, just go to the hospital. I had a friend who complained about his nuts hurting, took him to the hospital and they found out that the veins or whatever of his nuts had twisted around each other, and if we had brought him in an hour later he wouldn’t have had testicles anymore.