Sore tailbone

hey all.

quick question here.
Does anyone else out there get a sore tailbone while riding? or do i have bad posture / bad seat position? This problem is not from riding long distances either, i get it while just mucking around in the back yard and it sort of distracts me from my riding. any suggestions?

I used to get this until i raised my seat…

I say put your seat up a bit and give it a go for a week or 2:)

I put my seat down to get more tuck :frowning: lol thanks fpr the advice, i guess il have to go without that little extra tuck for a bit :slight_smile:

I used to have mine down low for that reason when i first started hopping, but once i started to get the sore back thing (which became worse as i started to ride SIF) i decided to raise it a bit and it did wonders - 2 inches will make a huge difference and after you’ve done it for a while you wont even realise you dont get as much tuck… you’ll improve and it wont matter.
Also, it may feel VERY wierd and uncomfortable (even to mount) for a ride or 2 but you WILL get used to it:)
Give it a go and let us know how you get on!
Peace and good luck;)