sore knees

This last week it has stopped being way to cold out so I’ve been spending lots of time on the unicycle. I have a KH 20 inch. I have ridden pretty much every day, for at least an hour. Sometimes just riding along (up to 11km) and sometimes working on stair climbing. My seat could be higher, its not at the bicycle recommended height where your leg almost gets straight at the bottom; I though I’d like the extra standing room for hops and drops. Some times my knees get sore during the rides and sometimes not until after. This never happened on my Schwin, but I also never jumped up stairs with it.

Is this normal for unicycle riders? Or an I just doing too much too fast? Should I put my seat up a bit?


Put your seat up for long rides. Your knees will thank you for it. On the hops and drops you’ll have to have it lower or risk launching yourself off of the saddle.

Alternatively, use someone elses knees while riding.

Are you doing any stretching before you ride? The running magazines usually do regular features on stretching. Running books and exercise books at the library will also have information on stretching. Learn all the leg stretching that the runners do.

Depending on what is causing your sore knees, proper stretching before and after riding may help.

Riding with a low seat is harder on the knees than riding with a seat at the proper height. You’ll be using different muscles (or using the same muscles in a different range of motion) when riding with the seat down low and that could be causing some soreness as the muscles get used to the new work.

There is also the issue of pedaling technique. Your knees should be going straight up and down as you pedal. If your knees are making a wobbling motion to the left and right as you pedal that will cause extra stress on the knees.

John had recommended this too me at last September’s Muni weekend. I have to say, I started doing this and it has really helped, especially after the ride.

The urge is always to take off the armour and go. But now, I stretch a bit and then get in the car.

Like Greg said, you probably ought to raise the seat up for the longer rides, or find a comprimise that allows you to stop and do stairs on a whim and also let you ride.

you should stop.
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