Sore inside legs

i get really sore inside legs when the seat rubs again them while i am hoppin any suggestions on what to do?

keep hopping, it wears off eventually.

Hold seat with your hand to take pressure off of the inside of your legs?
If you were hopping SIF this wouldn’t happen so maybe just ease up with the leg holding a bit? Or maybe get a better seat?
Post pics or vid <<(of the Uni not your legs)

Bike shorts help, or you could just keep on doing it until all the hair is worn off the inside of your legs and it doesn’t rub anymore.

I personally don’t find that just letting it wear off works for me. Bike shorts should help because the seat, or whatever you wear over them, should rub on the shorts instead of your leg.

Compression shorts. They look sort of like bike shorts but do not have padding in the crotch and are a lot cheaper than most bike shorts. Rubbing takes place against the shorts instead of your leg.


Thanks guys for your help.
is it worth learning to ride sif?
if so any tips?

sif is worthwhile when you’re start going really big, not so much in the beginning, and certainly not to avoid rubbing your legs. Once your inner leg hair is gone and you learn to relax more so your legs don’t squeeze the saddle so much the soreness will ease.

compression shorts work a lot better than bike shorts because of the lack of padding. also if you’re having an issue moving your “goods” out of the way with the compression shorts on just cut a hole out of the crotch of the shorts big enough for everything to fit through then you still get full range of motion.

on a seperate note i have a different type of inner thigh pain, i spent most of yesterday learning crankflips, and i have bruises on the insides of my thighs; do you think it’s just from bad form and failed attempts when my legs hit the seat?

probably. Now that i havent unicycled in a while, when i do SIF, i end up hitting my thighs a bit.

you may have pulled something, or had the edge of the seat slam into your inner thigh (in a bail) without you remembering it.