Sore fingers... Broken?

OK, so I did a quick search and couldn’t find anything like this posted before – if I have missed it please just post a link for my look-seeage;)

About 2 weeks ago I noticed quite some pain in 2 of my fingers – my middle one and the one between my little one and middle one.
This had only become painful after quite a lot of static hopping.
I had decided to live with it after giving it a rest for a few days as I thought it would just get better with time – which it hasn’t:(.
On the weekend I actually took the time to look at them closer and compare it to my other hand – to my surprise the fingers mentioned are half as fat again!
They really hurt when I try to bend them back the other way and also hurt when I bend my hand into a fist.
It’s more the joint up near my hand (where the finger starts) that hurts.
Has anyone else had these swollen pains?
Could they be broken? Should I get them looked at or just live with it?
I am thinking I’ll just live with it – I rarely go to the doctor for anything – its gotta get better with time right?


are they bruised or anything? did you hit them on anything or fall on that hand or something?

Not bruised - just swollen, actually i guess they do look a little darker - i’d say very minimal bruising.

The only reason i can think for it is maybe when i was hopping most of the pressure of me pulling up on the handle was going onto these 2 fingers - with the repeat of this from lots of hopping it may have been too much.
I have now changed it so i kinda get my whole hand under there - this also seems to give me a cleaner hop too.

yep. I had this happen when I started trials. Make sure to stretch the fingers out if you’re white knuckling the seat handle a lot…even small muscles can cramp up. Unless you thwacked something with them, they’re probably nto broken.

If you are still hopping, you should be fine. Give it some time tho, letting them heal will be better for you in the long run.

Are you serious? Maybe stop being such a little B*tch about it and it won’t bother you. Don’t make a thread about how your fingers hurt, thats rediculous. I mean I could sort of understand if it was something serious, but it’s not. To me it just sounds like your not very athletic and when you actually started using your muscles your feeling what we call the tearing down and rebuilding of new and stronger ones. But hey look on the bright side, they’ll be stonger:)

Wow if i hadn’t read that post i would have thought it said something happy :).

Yeah I got this a while ago mainly when I didn’t eat gloves. I haven’t had it in a while so maybe it will go away.

How do they taste:p

haha I must have spaced out I meant wear.

the guy asked a question. I had the same thing happen when I started using the handle a lot. I asked my mom since she was a doctor for some years. Go yell at someone for making a completely illogical thread like “this is a thread just for unicycle talk” (in RSU for some reason) instead of someone for being concerned about their health.

Anyway, sorry, back on topic. Gloves do help. I lost my right glove so I need a new pair but they help the soreness. You may want to look into one of those spring loaded hand squeeze thingers (I’m sure they have a name) if the pain doesn’t go away in a couple weeks of riding. Usually means that you need to strengthen up the muscles a bit.

Yeah, i wear gloves - the KH Pulse ones - they rock!
As for unislab, learn to spell, and also, as for your not so athletic bit - i can almost guarantee i am fitter than you - also, fitness has nothing to do with your fingers you douche.
I was concerned as the pain is sometimes extreme.
If you dont have anything decent to say in a thread, especially mine, then you can leave it alone.
Oh, thanks everyone that posted some constructive advice/info - that was why i posted, not to get paid out.
If you could see my hand next to my other one you would know why i posted.
Anyway, peace happy people.

Just give yourself a break form jumping for a while and you can work on more freestyle type stuff.

I had the same thing when I went form my Sun unicycle to my DX, but it wasn’t so much the whole finger hurting, but mainly concentrated on one point, about a CM in diameter.

Its just using the muscles and having pressure being concentrated into one point of your finger that usually doesn’t get abused as much.

Are you serious? Fitness has nothing to do with your fingers? Hugh, and all this time I thought finger excersises were actually helpful. Oh well, I guess your overall fitness doesn’t relate to your fingers as well. Yep fingers are just not attatched to your body you know? So if your in fit physical condition your just gonna have weak fingers forever.

Anyways I hope you realize how retarted that statment was and if you really believe that your in top physical conditioning, better than me, then I seriously doubt you would have posted a thread about your fingers hurting. If your an athlete of any kind, you realize what training your body does to you and the physical demmands brought on by it. Pain is involved in all aspects of life, an athlete knows this better than anyone.

And if you were really concerned about your hands, you would have gone somwhere else other than a unicycle website. Atleast post pictures so people can try and give you a helpful diagnostic of your situation. Not just taking stabs in the dark from experiences they had in the past. Even then what good is that going to do if they can’t be there actually examining your fingers? I just don’t see the point, sorry.

You’re a real goof you know that.

You’re the second person to make my ignore list.

dude if you think the guy is being a woos, then just ignore him and dont post. Dont insult him.

I hurt my finger a while back while wearign gloves, fell over on a bench and hurt it. It was quite annoying it was painfull for like a month. While i wouldnt make a thread about it, the guy is obviously just concerned to as wether his finger is damaged. TO that i have no idea what to answer, except i hope he gets better.

a good place to ask about fingers that hurt because of unicycling is a doctor…or some unicyclists. The doctor can tell you what is wrong with the fingers but the unicyclists can tell you how to avoid it more accurately other than “dont unicycle” :wink:

I get that still when im hopping we thought my middle finger was broken but we still arent sure maybe its strain i wouldnt be suprised,

hope you feel good soon mate


Thanks for the further POSITIVE responses:)
Borgschulze, i think i’ll follow your lead - seems like the best idea.
I just hope it gets better soon so i can uni comfortably again and also write properly;)

If you have just recently started unicycling, or recently started hopping, you will find your fingers become uncomfortable/sore/bruised.

I think just about everyone gets this issue.

I had it, so did the person I taught to ride.

Your fingers will get stronger with time.