sore finger?

lately as i have been riding agen and improving agen, i have found that my smaller finger on my right hand (pinky finger) is getting very sore/bruised/and swollen… its probably from the sif hops and the constant pulling up on the saddle front bumper!

I was just wondering, if this is common with anyone else, because i dont remember getting it when i started riding…

Thanx :slight_smile:

I sometimes cut my fingers on the seat bolts doing seat out tricks, if I dont wear gloves.
And of course blisters from the handle.
But never the little finger

Are you using a Miyata or KH style saddle? If Miyata, that could be your problem. I found that the Miyata’s handle can do that to you and on top of that it’s my personal opinion that for sif that seat just feels terrible, though I know theres some people who prefer it.

[QUOTE=Brian O.]
Are you using a Miyata or KH style saddle? QUOTE]

im using an 06 fusion KH saddle, i am thinking of going up to the new 07 one, but thats thinner, so im not sure if that will benefit with trials or not…

Thinner saddle = easier for SIF grip(up to a point).

I’ve got KH 2007 street saddle and it’s great. I do a lot of SIF, too.

Little Finger Sore

I recenty have been building up a humongous callous on the side of my right hand pinky. It is the hand that I use to grab the seat handle with. I have a KH 2007 handle. I never had a problem during my first year of riding but in the past few months I have been doing a lot of jumping up stairs and boulders on my muni rides. The callous hurts quite a bit but then so did my hands from chopping wood when I was younger. It is a small price to pay for the privalege of Unicycling!


Oh the 07 street saddle is so much better for trials, I’ve got one and its a heck of a lot easier to hold for sif, I think overall its more comfortable than the standard fusions too though I don’t think it will change the problem you are having with your finger unfortunately since the handle is the same.

thanx well, that comment has convinced me to now go and put my moneyzzz towards an 07 saddle :stuck_out_tongue:

my pinky is always sore.