sore back from jumping

Hey all–

It seems that every time I jump or hop on my uni for extended periods of time, I get a very sore lower back. Am I arching my back too much to grab the seat? (I’m 6’4…) Am I using the wrong form? Or perhaps the seat is too low?

Any ideas? Does this happen to anyone else?

-Grant “I need a chiropractor” Houghton

Re: sore back from jumping

actually ive had the same thing happen to me like a couple of times, i really dont know exactly what its from but i dont like it.

same’ere…I hate when that hapens cause then I can’t do any for the rest of the weekend…

I get it as well…After a little bit of a break I can usually continue…Until it happens again anyway.

Are your back muscles just sore from doing something you don’t usually do?

I get it every so often if I’ve been riding for a long time.

My dad’s a chiropractor so it’s all good.

Are you meant to keep your back very straight when hopping or is it meant to be arched? Or does it just not really matter?

Hey guys what about trying some sort of excercise aimed at working on your back? That could possibly strengthen your muscles so when you do jump and such, its not as much of an unusual straign on it. just a though

I think we need a more information. How high are you jumping?
Seat in or seat out? Also, how long are your practice periods with this particular skill?

As with practicing any uni skill, break it up with other skill practice. Your joints will thank you.

George Barns is tall. Maybe email him.

In response to your questions–

I can only jump about 12 inches vertically, 24 inches gap, but im improving pretty rapidly so i expect to be doing double that in not too long. (this is all seat in, tho i’d love to learn seat out eventually)

my practice periods are as long as i can go until it starts hurting too much, usually 15 minutes tops.

perhaps i try to wrench my back upwards when trying to jump, instead of jumping with my thighs? who knows.

-Grant “i just paid my chiropractor 85$ for a 15 minute session” Houghton

Definitly go and start learning seat out. If you expect to double 12 inches in “not too long”, prepare to be disappointed. Progress only gets harder as time goes by. Also, progress will be MUCH MUCH harder going to 24’’ if you are doing it seat in. Do seat out, start now.