sore ass!

hey all!
i was wonderin if anyone knows where abouts in Australia, prefferebly Canberra, i could buy a cusion thingys for my viscount unicycle seat.
i am doing alot of long distance stuff and although i’m not a guy, it still hurts!
plz help me out pplz
luv lozza;)

air viscount


Try this thread

Only change I made was to substitute three sheets of closed cell foam (AUD 5.99) from the local camping shop), cut to match the contour of the seat, glued and then taped together.

Has worked well for the last 250K, so hopefully should work for you.

Phil from Melbourne is based in Melbourne and ships for free anyewhere within Australia. Even if they can’t help you out with this (which they probably can’t) you should consider them for other things.

Did anyone else have trouble with that link that was in the thread that is linked to here? I’ve gone riding with Wayne and this sock idea does look great.


Re: sore ass!

After having a load of problems getting the site back online, the Viscount
Sock Saddle conversion page is now at

The photos are not the best, so if you do a conversion on your saddle, take
lots of pictures, email them to me and I will add them to the site.

Wayne van Wijk.