Sophia & Spencer

Haha you guys are way cool. Good chemistry



Cool. Pairs unicycling.

awesome double flat!

The varial roll&rolling around looked SOOOOOOOOO nice. And nice little short edit :slight_smile:

not gonna lie, i really liked that vid :slight_smile: one of your best imo

uber nice.:smiley:

Always waiting for a new Spencer video.
The pairs flat was cool.
And I like the style that Sophia is really starting to show.

Some really nice stuff in there!

I also thought it was pretty cute <3


Love your flatland skills, well impressed.

Spencer, liked the grind/rev, saw you trying to land that at EUC, glad you got it in the end.

Really nice vid.


We actually filmed this stuff a few weeks before, it was harder on that little rail at EUC :stuck_out_tongue:


Now you gotta do grind stall, half rev, 180 hop turn and do it again the other direction

Dude you went to EUC!? How’d it go for you?

On topic:

Yeah you already know what I think of your half rev business spence lol. But good vid, style. I like style.