Sooooo close.....

On today’s MUni, I almost caught my first bicyclist going uphill. Oh, so close…yet, so far.

We were taking a little “catch your breath” break while climbing, when this guy on a mountain bike came grinding by in his granny. After about a minute or so, we resumed riding. A couple of rollers later, I saw this guy ahead and realized we were gaining on him. So the “chase the rabbit” mentality kicked in and my brain tauntingly tells me “let’s see if we can catch this guy”. Almost immediately, we come to a longish, rocky, rutty uphill, whereupon my over eager brain says “this is the spot – catch him here”. So I turn on as much uphill speed as I can muster, and now I’m gaining on him pretty quickly. Oooh, oooh, I’m going to catch him I think, and of course, immediately following that thought, in my enthusiasm to maximize my speed, I let my weight get too far forward, spin like crazy trying to keep the wheel under me, but lose the battle and UPD. Rats! That was so going to make my day. Now my brain turns on me and priorizes overcoming its oxygen deficit ahead of the win, so resuming the chase is off.

Oh well, another time perhaps. One of these days, I’ll catch one of 'em. It was sure fun trying though!


Nice work Jerry, that was a fine effort. :slight_smile: I’ve also never caught a bike rider up a hill and haven’t yet come close. May day will come.