soon this'll be on failblog...

hahaha…it was featured on

i’m reading the 70 comments, and man…people are just idiots. it’s amazing how many people are like OMG HE UNICYCLES? HE DESERVES THAT

I remember when this actually happened, its someone from the forum for definite, it was posted here
I want to say unigurd, but i honestly cant remember, its funny as hell anyway :smiley:

it’s colby thomas…i wonder if they just used his vid or if he sent it in or something

Yeah, it’s Colby… I believe he mentioned that it may be appearing on G4.

edit: He also said that it WAS on failblog :stuck_out_tongue:

that does look pretty painful though, but funny in equal measure

I wish I had that cool bails!.. Nah, actually I don’t… :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, I had no idea this video would get this much attention. I put it on youtube and vimeo, and then I guess somebody put it on failblog, and it got 6,000 views overnight, and then I started getting emails every few hours from people asking to put it on their youtube channels, and I got an email from G4 and TruTV asking if they could use my video.

Sorry if I’m giving unicyclists a bad rep, I honestly didn’t mean for it to get this big, but it’s kinda funny :stuck_out_tongue:

If we get a bad reputation because we fall down, I won’t bother with good reputations anyway.

This video has over 100,000 views. And 99,000 of those views have been in the past 2 days. LOL.

I saw that a while back. It was one of those videos I had to show people. DUDE, COME CHECK THIS OUT!!.. Hey man you wanna see something funny?..

Haha. Thats good stuff.
But ouch. Its a good thing that wasnt a trials tire and everything though.

what is the name of the video on youtube

Some interesting comments…

“My grandmother makes the same grunting noises when she makes stool.”

“did she hurt her vagina?”

“That’s what you get for trying stupid sports like this ya little bitch”

“He moans like he’s giving birth to an Alien straight out of his anus.”

This says a little bit about the type of people that hang out on

Try not to laugh. The slow motion is great.

Ouch! I laughed a little, but then it dawned on me: it will happen to me at some point.

oh my god xD

on youtube…you can like subscribe to tags, and unicycle is a tag im subscribed to…there’s so many people posting that vid now, lol. all with diff titles and stuff “Double fail” etc

You should wear safety gear! Maybe a hockey mask would stop you getting hit in the face? :smiley:

Really though… I don’t think it’s that funny. It’s good that it’s popular though.

I don’t want to seem like one of the people who hang out on, but I probably will, so I apologize in advance, but why is it that the yell/scream/cry of agony starts before Colby’s actually hit in the face? Maybe it was just the fear or anticipation of “Oh my god!, There’s a tire headed for my head!”.

-Oh, or maybe it’s because he actually fell on the ground…

its because he got raped by the front of the seat as he landed on the ground. hence, the scream of agony